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Make Time Count for you

Make time count for you Limit time on Social Media: - We can so easily get carried away with social media and fall into the trap of spending all day...

How to save time for you.

How to save time for you.

How to save time for you start all projects with enthusiasm Belief is the best guarantee, however, if you are not committed to doing whatever it...

Everything has its place

Everything has its place Put personal items where you will find them When you get home put your keys, handbag, wallet, phone, briefcase etc. where...

Obtain More Time for you

Obtain more time for you Setting boundaries You need to set boundaries in both your work and your home life . Some people can drain your energy both...

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

In this final part of my blog series on impostor syndrome, you will learn how to identify impostor syndrome, its symptoms and how to help someone who is suffering from impostor syndrome to overcome it.