Bullying Case Study

Testimonial From Julie Harris:
“Thank you so much for everything Karen we finally have our little boy back”
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I had the pleasure of working with a family, to help their nine year son deal with debilitating bullying that caused so much upset and trauma to him and his family. It was such an honour to help and coach such a lovely young man. I was able to help him process his emotions and understand how to cope with them and respond to them, so as to minimise the negative mental and physical impact they were having on him.

I want to thank him for his time with me and the family for choosing to work with me and their positive testimonials.

This was the Grandmas’ testimony of my work:

“It is an amazing story but very true. As his grandparents, we saw it all happening and as my daughter mentioned, nobody was able to help him. He is a lovely child and to see this happen to him has been heartbreaking to say the least. I would just like to say a massive THANK YOU to the wonderful Karen Baughan for helping to save our precious little boy. You are a very special person to be able to help us. Thank you Karen x”

Here is what the child’s mother had to say:

“Well, what can I say? My son who is 9 years old now was bullied over the past 4 years at primary school. He went to school every day to just accept this treatment, we as parents tried sorting this situation out & headteacher fully aware but basically was useless & let us & our son down massively. Caused stress, anxiety upset to name just a few emotions for all involved. This led to the point of our son considering ways of suicide at this very young age which broke our heart. Enough was enough & we moved schools which in time has been the best decision ever. Things were very hard & adjusting to a new school has its problems especially when our son was broken! I barely recognised my little boy I just couldn’t help him to find a way out of this pain? Lashing out at the people who loved him the most but couldn’t control the anger & frustration this bullying had caused.

Until I was recommended to Karen Baughan. We were a little sceptical at first but we were at a point that nothing was working councillors, projects, teachers, etc. Just wasn’t working. We just wanted to help our son. Over several sessions with Karen we started to notice a small difference although our son isn’t the most talkative of children now and very shy he began to open up a little bit at a time. He gained trust and absorbed information given to him. As the weeks went by we had ups and downs but we noticed he was slowly making a lot of progress. Don’t get me wrong life was still difficult. One day he had a football match against his bully & the reason we ended up leaving his old school. This created a lot of anxiety for everyone involved and was a worrying time as there was no way of avoiding this game. But the game happened, my son held it together to become the better person and was extremely relieved after this was over & he just cried. With the tools Karen had given him to be able to overcome this bully and be the strong little boy we know he is we were so proud of him for doing so. This was a bully he would get angry about & not know how he would react if he ever came face to face with each other again. We as parents were scared of this day & would keep him away from events in the local area just so they didn’t even need to meet unexpectedly. He handled this situation fantastically & so proud. Can not thank Karen NLP enough for all of her patience & time & hard work & perseverance with our son to help him to be able to deal with his emotions in a positive way now.

You think as parents you can handle any situation thrown at you but in this situation, we just couldn’t see a light.

Thank you so much for everything Karen we finally have our little boy back x”

Julie Harris – Mother Of Client

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