Tips For Understanding Comfort Eating

by 27th August 2018

Comfort Eating – How do you overcome it?

Please be aware that I am not a medical professional, so if you have any major concerns or want medical advice please consult with your GP.

If you feel ok follow my advice and make sure that you are physically healthy. I have also been on this journey so I know exactly how you feel. I had no self-esteem, no confidence, and disliked myself. I was that big that my joints hurt, yes, I’ve been there at my heaviest – my clothing size was a 26, my clothes were big…

Here are 7 top tips to find your root cause of ‘WHY?’ – When you have found your root cause I can help you with it…

1. Keep a Food and Mood Diary

What foods do you comfort eat on? Are they the crisps, chocolate cakes, biscuits, sweets? It might even be alcohol?

I can remember at my lowest been addicted to alcohol, which again, does not help with weight loss. However, with the techniques I have in my toolbox I can help eliminate these with you, and put you on a better, healthier path; for your mind, and your body.

2. Examine How You Feel About Your Body.

What causes you to overeat? Is it boredom, loneliness?

Being on your own you can become a secret eater – that was me. I myself was addicted to the chocolate bars; getting through 7 a week Monday – Friday being in the house on my own. I would not admit to anybody. In company, I would never eat like that because I didn’t want them knowing that I had a problem. The feeling of being big was an embarrassment. Again, I can help with this and I will understand.

3. Have You Got a Good Self-image of Yourself?

I had a very bad self-image of myself; and what you perceive about yourself, you project on to others. I can help with this.

4. Start Making Some Physical Changes.

Try going for a quick 5-minute walk a day and slowly build this up to 60 minutes. Maybe you could join an exercise group and do something to get your endorphins going, which are great for both your physical and mental health. Enjoy that feel-good factor!

5. Uncover Emotional Events That You Are Holding Onto.

These events are longer serving you, so why are you holding onto them? I can help you to get rid of these and help you move on. We can approach these issues on your terms so that if they are highly traumatic to you, you don’t have to talk about them. However, by talking to an outside person you can help to relieve the trauma… but again this is completely up to you and what you feel comfortable with.

6. Find Time to Break Out of the Stress Cycle and Breath Out.

I can help to teach you relaxation techniques – some of my clients come to see me just for relaxation. I have had people say it’s like having a
weeks holiday at a fraction of the cost. It’s undeniable, we all need time out.

7. Gratitude.

Think of all the things in your life that you are grateful for and make a list these.

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Who Is Karen Baughan?

Karen Baughan is an NLP Master Practitioner based in Bromsgrove, UK. Having used NLP to affect her own personal transformation, she now helps clients, from around the world, to transform their lives and achieve their dreams.