How Important Is Commitment?

by Apr 1, 2020

What does commitment mean to you?

The weekend ironically, we are into our two weeks of lockdown in the UK the rest of the world like Spain and Italy have been on lockdown longer. We have had to make a commitment to self-isolate to protect one another from getting Coronavirus.

So, it will not take us long to realise that commitment is a promise to yourself or others. Dedicating what you must dedicate commit the time to what you want to do with your life. Commitment can also be an obligation; you must see it through to the end outcome you want to achieve.

Commitment can be seen as a guarantee, I can guarantee with my work if you follow the steps and stick to what you agreed to do you will get the outcome you want to achieve and want in your life.

Think for a minute what are you dedicating your life to at this moment in time, what are you committing yourself to do?
For many of us the first time we hear the word commitment is when we get married.

You make a promise: “You promise to keep each other till death us do part.”

This is a public commitment a promise in front of the people who witness your wedding, and to yourself as well as each other.

Sadly in today society how many were taken seriously – due to the high rate of divorce we have in England.

I ask myself is this due to the fact the word commitment was not taken seriously enough.

The failure or breakdown in a marriage is due to several varied reasons, but could it be put down to a single case of selfishness, lack of communication, lack of understanding in each other’s needs.

What was the real trigger unfaithfulness, cruelty, incompatibility, adultery, and abuse both mentally and physically or even now longer any date nights and a feeling of no longer being wanted?

These are just a few of the reasons I am not advocating staying in a marriage or relationship if you are experiencing cruelty or abuse either physical or mental you need to get out ad get help and support.

Most of this could arise from blame and excuses and it’s all the other person’s fault and not mine, and they put it all on the other person. Instead of looking at themselves what have I done to fuel the fire, what has changed.

It’s a recipe for disaster, blaming the other person and not taking responsibility.

There have always been problems in any human relationship. It would be mad of me not to think otherwise. When we are in the love and romantic stage it’s hard to think anything could go wrong.

I can promise you no relationship exists without tension, difficulties and disappointments it’s how we deal with it.
So take responsibility with discipline.

Here are some techniques that could help:

Discipline – STOP before acting.

In other words, as my late Father used to say, “Look before you are leaping” it’s based on your decision and the attitude of your points of view. If that is how you respond it’s being selfish. So learn to recognise when you are portraying that.

The other technique is seeing things from the other person point of view.

If you are a husband, ask your wife what would you like to do today?

If you are the wife ask your husband, and the same rule applies to the children, parents and boyfriend and girlfriend and basically anybody.

So, hopefully, you are understanding the first rule of commitment promises are made to be kept.

The second commitment have you made a commitment to undertake new things.

It could be you are making major changes to your life.
You may be starting a new business from home, taking on a new job, you could be staring a new course at college or university in September. It is important for you to do whatever it is.

If you are married or in a relationship it could be a joint commitment, to have a date night, sit and watch a film together, or take it in turns each weekend to cook a romantic meal, or it could be the house needs decorating so you commit to decorating the house for two hours after work Monday-Friday and the rest relax Saturday and Sunday.

At the end of two weeks, you realise that commitment has paid off and you can sit back and look at your amazing work and feel proud.
If you are prepared to make the commitment of time effort- self-discipline, you will make a major impact on the standard of any area of your life.

A major element of commitment is getting your priorities right! Ask yourself, “what is important to you?”

When we began thinking about commitment to achievement, we listed colleges, jobs and business of your own. Two people can give you advice. One who has gone onto achieve success and achieve what they wanted the other group could have failed, both can give you advice the second group on why they failed so you can learn not to do it that way.
So think hard to choose your future but calculate the commitment it will call for and make sure you are prepared to pay the price.

  • For your own business;
  • Supply a service;
  • Answering a vocation.

Whatever you choose to do don’t do it half heartedly give it your best effort.

Remember, the employer is not going to reward the employee, who is a clock watcher with responsibility.

An independent business owner will directly reflect the commitment he gives to his or her business with the actions that they take.
A word of warning makes sure if you are married you have made time for your family commitments or your wife. So many businesses owner focus on there business, that their partner feels forgotten. Communicate with them and say I will devote at least one day a week to family, and we will have a date night each week.
So make the commitment today.

What’s stopping you?

Remember the proverb:

“Cast your bread on the waters.”

The rewards of your commitment will prove it to be true.

If you need help with commitment, please do contact me.

So, make the commitment today with your life business marriage or family.

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