Procrastination without a sense of guilt is complacency.


Complacency occurs when a person gives in to a strong impulse to relax, similar to how the majority of procrastination tendencies result from failing to maintain self-evaluation.

Lazy, procrastinating, complacency, cat, lying down


Program complacency is a feeling of self-satisfaction brought on by the conviction that it is pointless to figure out what you want.

People who lack ambition sometimes have complacent attitudes, and will spend most of their time looking for simpler tasks to complete.

Additionally, they grow busy by being ordinary and spend the majority of their lives diverting attention from others because they lack the ambition to excel.


Specifically I recall listening to a colleague in a training lecture asking her friend for additional paper, while claiming to have taken plenty of notes. ‘Please let me borrow some of your note paper.’ 

The friend replied we can’t all be successful, just be content with what you have. I won’t cry for anyone.  I also take your course notes since you haven’t paid for your ticket, and you’re not interested.

Mrs complacent, hadn’t even purchased a ticket yet!



However, a lot of individuals we know simply expect them on a plate and then choose not to use them.

Conscious individuals cannot afford to put off giving back until they feel like it.

It is up to each person to determine what that contribution should be because life is not responsible for us, rather we are responsible for life.



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