Different Areas of your Goals

by Apr 25, 2023



Different Areas of Your Goals

Sort your goals into the categories that make up your life.


Balance is essential in life, so please list these goals in the categories, and please promise me that you will do so, especially if you struggle with your business and life goals.


I find that the best times to write things down are at night when you are thinking about them and then in the morning when you are fresh.


List them into areas of your life, and you will discover that doing so in the evening will prepare the process ready for the morning. Last but not least, tell yourself, I want to know what I want and what I truly want to do and have?”


Go to bed thinking about all of the things that excite you (in all the areas of your life).


When you wake up in the morning, go to your desk or kitchen/dining room table to write; there is no need to write in bed at this point. It is far too valuable. If you run out of time, continue later in the evening.


I’ve listed some of my own goals to get your mind going.


My To-Do List:



  • Boost my clientele
  • Do some workshops to become financially independent.
  • Conduct some interviews
  • Perform some Facebook Lives
  • Charge a subscription fee



  • Consume nutritious foods
  • Weight loss of one pound per week
  • Go swimming again



  • Spend time with my husband.
  • Spend time with my family and grandchildren.
  • Take a week off with my husband.
  • More books should be read.
  • Plan a vacation



  • Create my book
  • Spend time with my dog playing
  • Go shopping in the nice weather
  • Study art



  • Learn to take breaks
  • Stop putting things off
  • Be more self-disciplined; become more creative



  • I must try to forgive myself
  • Forgive those who have harmed me
  • Treat others with compassion and understanding


After you have organised your list, choose 12 items from it. Ideally, there should be three or four in each area, but in practice, one area usually has more than the other. There’s no need to worry about this at this point but keep the goal list handy, so you can add to it as you think of new ideas.


I also keep a goal journal to keep everything in one place, and I recommend getting an A4 hardback type.


As you practice, you will become more competent and gain a better understanding and knowledge of your wants, likes, and dislikes. It’s fascinating to see how your focus shifts from one item to another. Things you inadvertently listed may become important to you, while others may appear to have lost their appeal. As you mature, your perceptions will shift, and your values will become clearer. Your objectives will highlight your value system and highlight conflicts. You will become more conscious of your awareness.

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