Do you really know yourself?

Do you really know yourself?

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Imagine you are woken in the middle of the night and asked do you really know yourself and what do you stand for, could you answer?

Do you know what it is you want from life?

Have you any idea what direction you need to take?


How important is it for you to know who you are?

So, here’s the thing, if we have no idea who we are and what we stand for, how can we possibly expect others to understand what we are doing and why we are doing it?  It is important for us to really know ourselves.


Be kind to yourself.

I heard “the basis of self-respect starts with self-control, and this starts with understanding yourself” Therefore it stands to reason that we must start by respecting ourselves before expecting others to respect us.

If your name was in the dictionary, what definition would you use?  Remember to be kind to yourself.


‘Actions speak louder than words’, a phrase I heard lots as a child.


Whilst I was coaching a particular client, who was usually either late or cancelled last minute, they would complain about colleagues and business associates not turning up to appointments and meetings.

Furthermore, they would continue to tell me that they prided themselves on being on time and keeping appointment.

Obviously I could not believe that here was someone so unreliable themselves, yet amazingly saw themselves as the complete opposite!  Undoubtedly their image of themselves was completely misconceived and they were clearly unconscious of their own actions.


So, do you really know yourself?

Self-evaluation makes it possible for us to discover our own potential and know our own limitations.  Importantly it is impossible to know ourselves fully without recognising our defects and shortcomings, and these don’t necessarily have to be seen as negative.

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Finally, only by self-evaluation can we establish what we stand for, what our core values are, our self-concept and decide do we really know ourselves.


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