How To Stop Emotional Eating

by Sep 3, 2018Karen's Blog

How to recognise and stop the emotional and stress eating, FOR GOOD.

I don’t believe in ‘diets’. They don’t work. Many fail. There are so many so-called diet clubs; clubs you probably find you stop going to when you have lost the weight, and then your weight goes back on – plus more. This is known as the yoyo diet.

Many of us do not eat just because we are hungry. A lot of us turn to food to relieve our stress or ti cope with loneliness, boredom and sadness. We find it easier to cope with emotional issues by comfort eating. We are programmed to believe that this is the answer when life is getting stressful.

After eating you probably feel worse, you feel guilty for over-eating, and by consuming all those extra calories, to your surprise, you still have your problems, so it hasn’t solved anything.

No matter how powerless you feel, I can help you and I understand. I can help you change the emotional eating habits that have sabotaged you in the past. This will be a lifestyle change. You will regain control over your life, you will have more confidence, and you will have amazing self-esteem. The good news for you is that I have been there where you are today with your weight, so I can truly understand.

I understand you and how you feel.

So, what is emotional eating?

Emotional eating (or you might call it stress eating) is using food, or in some case using alcohol, to make you feel better. This type of food consumption is not to satisfy the physical hunger that we all get.

You might reach for that 2l tub of ice cream or eat a whole pack of biscuits or crisps when you’re feeling down. When you’re bored or fed up, you might succumb to eating a whole pizza or maybe stop off after a bad day at work and have a quick snack at McDonald’s. We have all been there have we not?

The occasional treat is ok. When you celebrate the birthday, anniversary or wedding, or even on holiday, it’s ok to deviate from the healthy foods. However, when eating becomes your main coping mechanism – and your first impulse is to dive into the chocolate box or cake shops – you are stuck in an unhealthy cycle and the real problem is never addressed.

Unfortunately, speaking from experience, the emotional hunger can never be filled by eating, (ok eating food at the time might feel good, you get that nice feeling in your mouth, and that internal voice wants more) because sadly your root cause is still there. Then you start feeling worse, because those unnecessary calories have been consumed, and your clothes start feeling tight. You may be in denial and tell people you can’t understand why you are putting weight on.

Believe me, I have been there.

It is possible to change and make a positive change. It is possible to gain control over your life. So are you ready to put a stop to this emotional eating problem?

Are you an emotional eater?

  • Do you eat all the wrong foods when you are stressed?
  • Do you feel better when you eat when you are upset, bored lonely or need comfort?
  • Do you reward yourself with food?
  • Do you eat until you feel sick?
  • Is food your friend?
  • Do you feel powerless over food or out of control around food?
  • Do you eat when no ones around; are you a secret eater?
  • Were you made to clear your plate as a child?

If your answer to one or more of the above is, “yes,” then I can help. So get in touch.

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