Establishing Goals

What is your life without establishing goals.

Goals are objectives, as are intentions and aims.  Therefore, they are not wishes, but rather vivid dreams created by the imagination.  Establishing goals is an important asset to assist in many aspects of daily life.

Many people have no idea what objectives are, or how crucial they are in achieving their goals.

For example, we develop a shopping list before going shopping because we are likely to spend more money if we have not planned.

However, in terms of our lives, many opt not to set goals because they feel they will be embarrassed if they do not achieve them.

Furthermore, they likely worry what others will think, or whether they will laugh.

To illustrate, imagine watching a football match where there were no goals.


When it comes to setting goals.

Firstly, overcoming this fear of setting and establishing goals is simple – keep them top secret and highly classified, or share only with your coach (if you have one) who can guide you.

Secondly, set goals to please yourself!  Establishing goals for you is going to be the only way to please yourself.

Frequently, we set goals solely to please others.  So, as a result, we tend to misrepresent our goals and desires to fit our perception of how others perceive us.

Lastly, aspiration must really be things that you truly desire to become and have, not a list of targets created to impress others.


Make time to set goals.

Some people have no objectives because they do not have the time to set goals, such as when they are so busy getting money that they do not have time to make money.

Others are terrified of failure and utter the phrase “I can’t.”  Or they just simply fear failing.

Let me inform you that failure is necessary for success.


Goals defined clearly and precisely.

The goals you establish for yourself are neither a desire or a substitute for reality, and as such, they must provide a clear path to follow.

You can’t just hop from one place to another.

It is pointless to study and prepare for this if your purpose is not specific and clear.






It would be like going to Italy with a UK Sat Nav!


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Assume you desire money.

How much is it?

One hundred pounds, one thousand pounds, ten thousand pounds, ten million pounds?

Simply wanting money is too ambiguous a thought.

For example it’s like saying I want to go on vacation “somewhere” and ending up anywhere.

As we know, goals must be defined and must be exact.

Vague phrases such as “I want to be successful” or “I want to be famous” have no significance when establishing goals.


Accept the fact that establishing goals needs to be more than just ‘I want something’


Assume you want to be a musician.  It’s still unclear whether you wish to compose, conduct, or perform music.

What kind of music is this?

Are you a member of a band or an orchestra?

In your younger days in science experiments in physics, or chemistry you may have held a, a magnifying glass near a piece of paper until the sun shining through produced a pinpoint like a laser beam.

What occurred?

It started to burn.

I’m telling you that you won’t catch fire until you precisely identify your goals and focus on them.

The excitement that will be sparked will be centred around a particular goal.


There is no explanation.


People are frequently not short on goals, but they are short on explanations why they want to achieve their goals.

Ambition is possibly the beginning point for all great accomplishments. To draw on your inherent strengths and power, you must create a deep down burning desire and also know how to manufacture it.

It’s crucial to understand what creates want because it looks to be the deciding factor between the champion and the guy who finishes a split second later.

We effectively list all of the benefits, profits, and losses to be avoided when we list all of our motivations for becoming, doing, or possessing something. When we concentrate on them, our imagination fuels our emotional appetite, resulting in the release of strong feelings known as desire.

You have an empty aim if there is no reason why you want it, if there are no benefits or rewards.


A goal should thrill you, and if there are no reasons to be excited, you have not articulated your aim effectively.


Also, ask yourself why you desire a goal, what your motivations are, and this will help you eliminate any goals that have no clear reason for being obtained.

Goals must be important to you in order for them to work.

We are all victims of the expediency factor.

We prefer to undertake things that are quick and easy and avoid those that are difficult and time-consuming.

It takes time and effort to determine your wants and goals.  It takes considerable attention and can take hours or days to refine.

However, as you practise, it becomes easier and you will notice that your life will become a lot easier.

As a result, being less upset and having patience saves time in the long run.


I’m not arguing that everything comes to those who wait; you have to put in the effort.  That is why certain ambitions are not achieved, despite the fact that your ship will arrive one day.

You must plan and prepare so that when an opportunity that is congruent with your desire presents itself, you are ready for it.

Otherwise, how will you recognise it if you don’t have a goal?


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