Everything has its place

by Jul 27, 2021

Everything has its place

Put personal items where you will find them

When you get home put your keys, handbag, wallet, phone, briefcase etc. where you will find them for the next day.

I always used to waste time looking for the keys to the car, house, office, etc.

This resulted in my husband getting stressed and I would become annoyed. Whose fault was it?

I must take responsibility and learn to put them where they will be found.

Remember having a place for everything does save time.

Everything has its place Time Management

Maximise your drive time

How much time do you spend driving to work, taking children to school or sitting in traffic jams getting agitated and stressed?

Why not listen to personal development, motivational or inspirational audiobooks, it is amazing how much you can learn while driving the car.

Remember to consider drive time as free time, so never get stressed sitting in a traffic jam again – consider it learning time.

Maximise Drive Time Time Management

Pay all your bills online

This saves time and you never have to worry whether that bill has been paid.

When they are automatically paid it will save you time and energy.

Remember to set up recurring bill payments and be done with it e.g. paying utility bills, council tax etc.

Pay your bills on line Time Management

Start small

At one time in your life you were just a blob and now look at you!  Everyone and everything has its roots and is a form of energy from which, no matter how small your humble beginning, you can and will grow.

Mindfully engineer your life according to what you value most.

Challenge yourself regularly, when starting something new be patient for nature has its own timelines.

Remember take one step at a time – Rome was not built in a day, nor is anything of any significance.

Start small Time Management

Keep a clock on the wall

“Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock” the clock is always ticking, reminding you of its’ mastery of time and purpose or lack of.

Tracking what you spend your time doing is crucial when planning and organising your day.

What you can control and measure you are in control of.

Remember time is your friend.

keep a clock on the wall

Hire a Virtual Assistant

A VA can be a godsend to do the tasks that can take you hours to do.

However, a word of warning – do get references from people that have had work done by them or get them to do a test piece for you to assess the quality. It can be expensive, and the work may not be up to your standard, so do look at the quality of their work.

Remember experience shows that you get what you pay for.                                                      I can highly recommend https://imyourpa.co.uk they have a wealth of experience.   If they are unable to help you they will point you to someone that can.       


Hire a VA Time Management

The easy rule of life

Do you do what is easy and comfortable yet find yourself feeling unfulfilled?  So is it time to leave your comfort zone?  People that do this may find it difficult and uncomfortable at first but eventually find they are happier.

In other words, there is a price to be paid if you want to achieve the desired results. At first managing time may be a challenge, but will pay dividends for the rest of your life.

Remember if you want something you never had, you must do what you have never done.

The easy rule of life

Co-ordinate your family schedule

Aim to have a family dinner, so that you schedule quality time with your family.

This way you can plan time for family too. You could all take it in turns or each bring one dish of food, to save everyone time. Even if it does not work out perfectly every time, when it does it will feel like it has been planned with perfection. The point is to build a well-oiled machine. So you can enjoy more me-time.

Remember you are important. Aim for the moon and you will land among the stars.

Co-ordiante Family schedules Time Management

Do not make decisions

Sometimes if you feel as though, metaphorically speaking, you are sinking in the sand or feel as though you are being suffocated or overwhelmed it is ok not to make a decision.   First stop – to give yourself time to think about what direction you really want to go in, then consider why you have those feelings of hesitation as you may be wasting valuable time if this is not what you actually want to do.

Remember this is only temporary and maybe a good coach, to help you see the wood from the trees, could be a great investment.

Remember it is OK to decide not to decide.

Don't make decisions Time Management

Schedule hobbies

Do you take time to schedule time for yourself?

You need to have a healthy work-life balance to recharge your battery.  Doing so will pay you dividends. Do not worry – even if it is only an hour a week, plan and take some me-time.  In the same way as saving 10% compound interest will accumulate, this will pay you back massively in the future.

Remember if you can not find time to enjoy a “me time” hobby it is time for a check-up from the neck up.

Schedule Hobbies Time Management

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