Other Ways To Feed Those Emotions

by Sep 17, 2018

Diets will not work; they may work in the short term, but not long term. Diet clubs and fad diets do not deal with your root cause of ‘WHY?’.

I can help you to find the deep-rooted reason of why you are gaining weight by emotionally eating.

If you are depressed or lonely, why not join a club based around something you enjoy doing. Maybe you could consider getting a dog (if it would fit into your lifestyle) for companionship and to give you a reason to go for a walk; it’s important to get out of the house and chat to new people.

If you feel anxious, put on your favourite music and do some dancing – the plus side is that you are burning some calories and also releasing those oh so wonderful endorphins!

If you are bored, read a good book, watch a good film, or join a group with something that is of interest to you or links to a hobby of yours.

Remember to eat sitting at the table with a knife and fork. Have a break between courses, and if you want seconds leave it 10 minutes to see
if the feeling passes.

If you would like help and support with this, please do contact me. If you would like to take control of your food consumption then please feel free to contact me.

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Who Is Karen Baughan?

Karen Baughan is an NLP Master Practitioner based in Bromsgrove, UK. Having used NLP to affect her own personal transformation, she now helps clients, from around the world, to transform their lives and achieve their dreams.