Gaining a more success-oriented mindset

How to gain a more success-oriented mindset.

Consciously succeeding requires knowing and accepting who you are, and a genuine success consciousness, is necessary for success.  You can’t see yourself as anything other than a success if you have this powerful success-oriented mindset.


Firstly, realise what can be done by someone else, can be done by you too. 

Secondly, realise that there has never before been as many opportunities out there as there is now.

Lastly, despite the pandemic over the last few years, the number of millionaires actually rose between 2020 and 2021.


In the last 20 yrs, we have more information and technology at our disposal than ever before with 90% of scientists still alive today.  Of course it is people’s brains where fortune is created in every aspect of life. 


Why not sit down and list your five defining qualities?

Are you diligent, considerate, disciplined, punctual and socially interested?  Undoubtedly, you will likely have many more qualities, here you are homing in on which are your top five.  Certainly enlist the assistance of a buddy who will be honest and objective, or your spouse, an instructor or a colleague.


With this in mind, write down the names of two people who have achieved substantial success, but who do not possess each characteristic or asset to the same extent as you under each asset/quality you have written about yourself.   You’ll discover that others who have achieved your desired goals are similar to you.


Those with a success-oriented mindset are typically more motivated and driven to achieve their goals.

Become conscious of your ‘I can’ and ‘I will’ attitude.

Decide one day that you are going to take action.

Nothing is more rewarding than raising your self-esteem and improving your self image. 


Keep that in mind that in the beginning work involves more effort than finishing it, and adopt the attitude of ‘I can’ and ‘I will’ to instil the confidence necessary to begin it.

After all, a success-oriented mindset can be adopted by anyone, and it involves setting goals, making a plan to achieve them, and taking action.

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