How Are You Programmed?

by 12th August 2018

So how are you programmed?

That’s another question I’m asked.

We’re all born, we’re all conceived. At conception, you can hear your parents speaking eventually, and they can start programming you – believe it or not from inside the womb, either positively or negatively.

When you’re born, you are programmed as well from the age of zero to seven. That’s the formative program. That is when your first program is installed in you, by your parents, your grandparents, your siblings (if you’ve got any older siblings) and then when you start school your teachers.

So for argument’s sake if you’re at school and you’re doing an art class and the teacher says ‘What a load of rubbish you’ve done there. That’s not a picture that’s just a blob of paint.’ That can have a negative effect on you.

You’re then programmed again at seven to fourteen by your peers, then at 14 to 21 again by your peers.

Then at 21 to 25,  it’s when you’re in business, that you’re programmed business-wise.

All these programs can be either positive or negative.

You can also be programming yourself, giving yourself the limiting beliefs, the limited decisions and you believe them, and you tell yourself stories. It all goes on and on with the people that you associate with as well.

So who are you mixing with?

The positive people to encourage you?

Or the negative people that you’re telling you that you can’t do things?

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