How being organised can save your time

by Aug 17, 2021

How being organised can save you time

Are you short of space?

If your house is overflowing with memorabilia why not have a  sort out? Did you know you can put all your old photographs on your computer? (Remember to make a back-up copy!)

If you have old clothing that you can’t wear, take a photograph of them and find them a new home, why do they have to take up space in your home?

If you are not sure how to use the appropriate technology – employ a teenager who is tech-savvy, they will have the job done in next to no time and will be happy with the pocket money.

Are you short of time Time Management

GPS System

How did I drive my car and get to places before using a Sat Nav?

I remember once navigating for my Mother, who was driving the car, she became very stressed as we nearly ended up in the center of Birmingham! I was taking the O in “roads” as an island. The amount of time that was wasted! I did eventually get to my appointment.

Remember using a GPS system can save time.

GPS System Time Management


Communicate with everyone that is involved with planning your day, week, month, year.   Very few people can read your mind and if you have work you need to get done then let people know you will not want to be disturbed, as this can waste your time and theirs.

However, sensitive matters need to be communicated and can take time to sort out.

Remember speaking from the heart is never a waste of time.

Communiate Time Management

Shop online

Shopping online saves you time and fuel and I always tend to spend less online than going to a supermarket, as you can see the bill creeping up. It also saves time and energy by not having to walk around the store looking for what you want.

It streamlines the process of choosing, paying and delivering to your home with minimum effort on your part.  Instead of pushing an uncooperative trolley round, trying to find what is on your list, transferring it onto the conveyer belt and back into your trolley and repeating this process for your car and your house! 

Remember shopping online means the world is at your fingertips.


Shop on line Time Management

Let your fingers do the walking

Staying at home and shopping online saves time looking for Christmas and Birthday presents.

Years ago I think it was the Yellow Pages that came up with “let your fingers do the walking”. Certainly it does save time.  Sit down with a cuppa or your favourite drink and type what you are looking for into the search engine.

Remember to use your digits not your feet to do the walking.

Let your fingers do the Walking Time Management

Buy in Bulk

This saves time and money.

I always do a big shop online once a month.  Buying enough products to last a month, I could be classed as a hoarder, but it does save time and money especially if you can join forces with members of your family and buy in bulk on meat and fish.

This can be a more efficient use of both your day and your finances.

Buy in Bulk Time Management

Help from friends and family

When you need help ask for it; suffering from overwhelm is no good.

Some people find it easier helping others to do jobs rather than working on their own jobs, so maybe the solution is to do skill swaps.

Remember many hands make light work.

Help from Family and friends Time Management

Fill up your fuel tank

Remember to fill your fuel tank up once a week, developing this habit saves time and frustration if you run out of fuel.

I remember my husband phoning me at work once to inform me had run out of fuel on the motorway – it was an awfully expensive lesson for him!

Remember to keep your car filled.

Fill up your fuel Tank Time Management

Ask for the bill in advance

As soon as you have ordered your last item from the menu, you want to ask for the bill.

This will save you time as you can leave when you are ready, rather than waiting for them to sort your bill out and keep you waiting.

Ask for the Bill in advance

When was the last time you turned off your phone?

We have amazing inventions, awesome technology and fantastic products, however, they rob you of a lot of time.   How much screen time do you spend, when you could be doing some more productive things in your business or even in your life.  Be honest with yourself.

Remember to turn the phone off when you are working, particularly when you really need to focus on what you are doing.

When was the last time you turned your phone off Time Management

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