How Fear Can Effect You

by Oct 15, 2018

The more scared you feel the scarier things will become.

If you are fearful of spiders and you are watching a documentary and a spider comes on the scream, maybe you feel a loose thread in your jumper, it can startle you and may result in you jumping out of your seat in terror.

If you are afraid of flying and there is turbulence on your flight it can push your blood pressure higher. In 2013 it was estimated that 20 million people have a fear of flying, and how many people’s holidays are ruined due to the fact that they are too fearful to get on a plane. If you can relate to this and would like to conquer this fear of flying in 2019, please do contact me.

The more scared you feel the scarier things will become. For instance the more worried you are about job security, the more you will stress when the boss calls you into his office for a meeting – even if your job is safe!

Fear dictates the action you take.

There are different responses to fear:

Freeze – means staying where you are not moving and focusing on the fearful situation to decide what to do next.
Next comes the decision to fight or flight and when the experience is so overwhelming it is a fright. Fright is the most dangerous to be in. If you are continuously in fright it can lead to helplessness and depression.

The more real the threat, the more heroic your actions.

We all react differently to an imagined threat than a real threat.

An imagined threat can cause you to be paralysed, being scared about bad things happening, which makes you worry, but you take no action. You are stuck in a state of fear and overwhelm, not knowing what to do.

Real fear will cause most people to act. For argument sake, if you have been given a health scare you will change your diet to become healthier and exercise more frequently.

Fear can feel like you are locked in a cage, so how can we help ourselves?

So, come back next week to find out how you can take control of fear right now.

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