If you believed you would succeed, what would you risk?

If you believed you would succeed, what would you risk?

Our desire for meaning and purpose is one of the greatest desire in life.  So, if you believed you would succeed, what would you risk?

When you have worthy goals that are consistent with your values and are based on your true desires, there is a profound sense of satisfaction that comes from realising that you are becoming the person you have always envisioned yourself to be.


Your work must keep you engaged.

Everybody has a strong point in which they can excel.

By asking some straightforward questions, to which you already have the answers, will help you find the area.

D.H. Lawrence said in one of his works; “There is no purpose in labour unless it absorbs you; if it is never fun, don’t do it”


Let me ask you, what is it that actually captures your attention?


Firstly, what do you do that, occasionally, consumes you so completely that you lose track of time?

Secondly, what captures your attention so intensely that it doesn’t surprise you that you can focus on it essentially without trying?

Lastly, what captures your interest, or demands your attention, diverting it from other topics?


If you drive, what is it that captures your interest while you’re driving and listening to the radio or audio?

Are there books or publications that grab your interest, what are they?

What morsels of information or dialogue catch your attention?


Take signals from what it is you love.

Simply said, your inner guidance uses what you love as a signal for what you should do.

Naturally, the path that our inner guidance points us on will worry us since it contradicts our normal circumstances or logic, but when we follow it, nothing is impossible.

To get this contemplative process rolling, allow me to pose a few more challenging questions.

What would you do if someone handed you £1 million right now?

In other words, you are completely free to pick whatever you choose to do.

Would you continue in the same position?

Would you keep the same connections?

What about interests?

Would you launch a company?

Would you give up your current venture and start a restaurant with a chef?

Would you present a lecture on your topic?

Would you publish a book?

Would you relocate so you could live in your ideal nation?

Would you choose to devote more time to your pastime or consuming interest as your new career?

How would you respond to these inquiries?

You are likely in the incorrect position right now if you answered “change job” with a yes.


Of course, it is crucial to realise that you can be or accomplish anything you set your mind to if you really want it.  Something that would happen even if it didn’t happen as quickly as it would if you had the £1 million.

Would you do if you learned that you only had six months to live all of a sudden, for example.

Would you continue acting the way you are right now?

What would you like to achieve?

Most of us will never be aware that we only have six months to live.


How much do you desire it?

The other truth, it comes down to how badly do you desire it.  Again, if you believed that you would succeed, what would you risk?

Are you prepared to pay whatever price is necessary to fulfil your desires?

Don’t let logic stand in the way of your life’s ambition.

I never made any of my discoveries by the process of rational thought, as Albert Einstein once claimed.

Now, please don’t get me wrong.

Of course, everyone has responsibilities and commitments in life, but all too often, these are used as an excuse for not leading the life you truly desire for yourself.

You will have more of what you want if you are more prepared to put your trust in yourself, take calculated risks, and listen to your inner guidance rather than what others tell you to do.

Someone once said, “The Universe will pay you to be yourself and pursue your true passions.”

Do you believe that when you pass away and we meet our maker, he will ask us why we chose not to do this or that? or why didn’t such and such become or be discovered?

According to what I’ve heard, the only inquiry made at those poignant moments was, “why didn’t you become you?

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