Increasing Your Focus

by 1st July 2020

What do I mean by FOCUS, and how can you improve it?


Focus is the centre of activity; we are where focus goes, attention is either positive or negative.

We are unable to focus if we have a cluttered brain as our attention is distracted if we are worried about our parents, children, or grandchildren etc. At the present time, most of the world is worried about COVID 19, and that is where their energy and mind is focused. However, is that providing a positive outcome?

How do I focus? When I need to, I put negativity in the black box or black bag inside my brain; I visualise it. If I do not need it at that current time, or it is serving me no purpose, I get rid of it like you would do the rubbish. Believe me, I feel so much better if I get rid of the negativity that clutters me up.

If you hold onto the negativity, the overthinking, and the worry, you certainly cannot focus effectively. A lot of people are currently working from home, so focusing can be even more of a challenge, especially if you have a lot of distractions at home like children, parents, or animals etc. You may find that going for a walk after breakfast – or even before breakfast – can be a huge help in clearing your mind before you start on work for the day, as your brain is used to going out on your journey to work, and they say a bit of exercise releases the good hormones. I personally find that by walking it helps my brain to clear and quieten.

So, what are the benefits of following one course until success?

  1. You Complete Tasks Quicker: Contrary to popular belief. You achieve more if you focus on one task at a time, if possible, and avoid distractions where you can, as your brain will become more focused on that one task alone.
  2. Quality Over Quantity:– Focusing on only one task will result in you producing high quality standards of work, as you are focusing on one project at a time, therefore dedicating more care and time towards it, and as a result you will achieve higher levels of success.
  3. Reduces Stress: Due to only concentrating on one product, this will result in less stress than more as you will not overwhelm your mind and spread yourself to thin. This is a great alternative to flapping and not achieving more productivity.
  4. You Recruit Your Subconscious Mind: You will achieve more and produce better work by recruiting your subconscious mind as that stores more data than your conscious mind can. So, tap into the subconscious mind by quietening your brain through reduced tasks and directed focus.

The Importance of being focused

I personally never used to be focused, I used to flap around like a headless chicken. So, what helped me change?

I found that it really helped when I focused on my 90-day plan. So if you want to achieve a specific goal, learn a new skill or if you are self employed, ask yourself what you want to achieve in your 90 days. If you’re employed it may be that your boss probably has your 90-day plan, planned out, so focus your attention on that.

Here’s a tip! Friday night before you end the day, work out what needs to be achieved the following week, and write it down. Then write your to do list for what needs to be done on Monday. Write your to do list, for Monday, and on Monday, as you do all the tasks tick off the to do list (don’t have too many tasks on any day, make sure it is achievable!). And, always Focus on the hardest task first. A good book to read is by Brian Tracy:

“Eat the Ugly Frog First.”

Always focusing on one job at a time, I promise will get more done and you will feel so better for it; This will honestly result in less stress!

  1. So, remember, set up your to-do list for tomorrow the night before.
    Do the difficult task at the top of list first thing.
  2. Eliminate time wasting and time wasters. With technology it is so easy to think that you are working, but be honest with yourself, are you working or are you being distracted?
  3. Remember to concentrate for no more than 45 minutes, and then take a take a 10-minute break.
  4. Constantly remind yourself of your ultimate goal. What do you really want? What are you working towards?

So, until next month, where we will be talking about goals! Take care. x

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