Information – Why We Need It

by 8th October 2020

October already! Can you believe how fast this year has gone?

It certainly has been a strange year. Especially in regards to the information that we received at the start of the year, our plans being put on hold and having to think outside the box.

The letter ‘I’ gave me a lot to think about. ‘I’ is, I believe, the most important letter of the alphabet. I could have written about the ‘incentives’ that drive our business and our lives, as what they have on offer compels us to achieve.

I could have written about being ‘industrious’ which suggests putting effort into what we do. ‘Innovation’, ‘initiative’, and ‘ingenuity’ which all have the same value as my original thought ‘inspiration’, which would have all been covered with belief, so I would have been repeating myself.

‘Intelligence’ and ‘intellect’ were also strong words I could have used, however, they could be confused with each other. There are many good examples of great success, achieved by people who have a great aptitude for academic activity.

After much reflection, however, my chosen word is ‘information’, as we need information to commit to changes in our life. If you are starting out on a new adventure, you need to gather all the information before you can commit to it and make an informed decision. On a personal level, when you start a relationship, you need to find as much information that you can about that other person before you can make a commitment. You need to find out about the other person’s taste, habits, and interests to determine whether you are going to be a good match, to make sure you could live together in the future on a permanent basis. Talking to people that have got divorced I have found, from my research, incompatibility has echoed around many times, and although it begins with the letter ‘I’, it does not have a place in any alphabetical list of the qualities or qualifications for success so again, I didn’t want to use it for this series.

In every aspect of life, whatever the situation, never go into it blindfolded or commit on blind trust alone; you need to get all the information to see if it is a safe plan for you.

When you apply for a job, when you write your ‘curriculum vitae’, or as it’s better known, CV, there should be truthful information listing your history and qualifications with all your achievements. ‘Sugary’ people (sugary talk or behaviour is intended to please people but is not sincere) will tell you that you can tell lies on your CV or over-exaggerate the truth, but it should only be factual information. No matter what people say the CV is an important piece of paper and document, it gives employers the information they need to determine whether you are right for the job role advertised, for both their sake and yours. I heard a story once where a boss was interviewing a client and the client could not explain or justify the content that he used his CV, so make sure you understand what you have written and can back it up.

When you get called for an interview, the next important part is obtaining information about the company. This is to ascertain to what extent the company is the right fit for you, as well as you for them.

Outside of the worlds of personal relationships and job opportunities, there are hundreds of other areas where information is important.

In sport, for instance, it is important for the trainer or manager to gather information from watching stronger teams and weaker teams, to extract ideas and tips through observation, and turn that into information which they can apply to their own teams to make them stronger.

In the world of communication and progression, there needs to be a constant supply of information to allow individuals to make informed decisions.

In 1927, Frederick Bernard wrote “one picture is worth 10,000 words”, because he believed that pictures told the truth, and give him more information than words alone.

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