Life Is A Journey

by 16th November 2020

It is hard to believe we are in November already, and I think we must all agree this year has been an unusual journey through life. We have never lived through what has unfolded so far this year.

Thinking about the word, “journey,” we all started life on a journey when we were conceived in our mother’s womb, the egg making the journey and the sperm swimming to fertilise the egg.

After nine months normally of growing and developing we make another journey when we are born, and we stay in this world until it is our time to make our journey into the next world.

The journey I am writing about is the journey of success. And if you think about it, you are a success if you made it into this world alive.

Last month I wrote about information. As we need the information to plan the steps we are going to take on our journey.

If you have doubts in your mind about your journey, you will probably get held up on your journey to success.

I find getting a good coach is like having a good map and works to help you find the best way to help you reach your destination. If you know someone who is where you would like to be, ask them for advice.

The advice could be simple or complex. If it is clear and easy to understand that the chances of getting lost along the way will be greatly reduced if you do not understand do not be afraid to ask.

I remember being told no question is silly.

Like a journey to anywhere, there are three lessons to success.

  1. Know where you are going and the best route to get there.
  2. Take advice from somewhere who has already been there already.
  3. Be prepared for the problem and emergencies that you meet on the way.

All throughout history, there have been some amazing people who have been driven by some inner force to undertake some great journeys.
Explorers, discoverers and adventurers were all heroes of the day.

At times they faced the scorn of friends and family or the disbelief of the scientists and experts of their times.

Those who believed the earth was round and set off in ships to prove it were told they would fall over the edge of the world. However, they believed strongly enough to set out and prove their belief of the completion of their journey.

During such great journeys, people made discoveries that astonished the world when they returned. People like Marco Polo, who came back and revolutionised Italy with his discoveries the east. Also, Christopher Columbus, Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh and, later, Captain Cook went off for different reasons and motives, and in search of treasure. These amazing adventures brought fame and fortune to those travellers. But for some, unfortunately, they brought tragedy and death.

This though has led to discoveries of new horizons, knowledge and understanding. Sometimes those adventurers did get pushed back from their efforts and achievements. However, they never quit the journey.

Today we are more aware than many of these great adventurers that most of the lands they discovered had been there for millions of years. People living in these areas with their own lives and traditions.

Throughout the 20th Century, we have begun to develop a consciousness about these people and the way they were treated and the way their rights were ignored or destroyed.

In many places, their discoveries turned out to be the forerunner of the colonialism and the empire-building. Nowadays, as both these concepts have fallen out of fashion, it has become easy to step away and leave the countries to seek their own salvation.

Unfortunately, these countries have been left to catch up with the sophistication of the 21st Century world, with a heritage of selfish exploitation by others and without the benefits of education, tradition and development.

I believe that for these developing countries, it is our responsibility to help them achieve success and show them how to use the latest technology. Although, most importantly, I do believe charity should begin at home.

Coming back to our journey, I believe we need to accept that, in search of success, our journey will not be easy.

Apart from finding the best route for our journey and sticking to it, we must recognise the need to keep topping up our energy levels and the need for regular maintenance checks.

What I mean by that is, you need to put effort into your venture, and I believe feeding yourself good nutritional fuel and obtaining plenty of sleep and rest.

You may think you are going to achieve a lot by drinking black coffee and caffeine drinks. But, in the long term, these can have a detrimental effect on your health and possibly prevent you from finishing your journey of success. Like a vehicle, if you run out of fuel you will come to a standstill.

The exact opposite happens if you plan every step of the way. I do a 90-day journey plan for success. The fuel you may need is investing in a good coach.

Whatever happens, do not just sit there waiting for something to happen. A lot of people give up on their journey to success.

Also make sure you are focused on your end destination, As people will distract you. People can talk you out of your journey and have you sliding backwards. However, you need to stay strong and focused and remember who is in the driving seat.

To help you focus to do a dream/vision board. This can certainly help you stay on track and focused and helps prevent you from being blown off course, due to life’s storms.

If you decide not to have a dream that challenges you, there is little point in looking forward.

So, never stop planning your dreams. As the saying goes:

“Do not go to your grave with the music inside you.”

Just take out 30 minutes each day to plan your route that day and plan the next route of your journey.

Remember if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

That’s obvious, is it not?

In my age group, I know most of my contemporaries are retiring or waiting to retire. Not me! So, I still do a 90-day plan with the end in mind, know where you are going.

Remember the journey begins with the first step on the road.

Are you on your journey? Or are you ready to start your journey?

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