Learning From Examples

by Jun 1, 2020Karen's Blog

I believe a particularly important word for a leader, manager, trainer, and parents is ‘example’.

Lead by example:

The best way of achieving success is to follow the example of someone who is good and model their behaviour; applying the same methods they use in the situation they find themselves in.

A basic of business planning, I believe, is talking to successful people and implementing the actions, habits and ideals of those top business people that are successful. If it was successful once, it will work for you again, but people make mistakes for not following and cutting corners and in some cases, the standards slip.

The successful people see the goal, they understand the obstacle. They create a positive mental attitude; they clear the mind of all self-doubt and embrace the challenge that lies ahead; they stay on track and do not quit and show the World that they can do it.

Your success will be returned by the amount of energy and effort you put into the project. My advice to anyone is to give yourself a daily diet of reading positive books or listen to positive recordings. There are plenty on YouTube or Podcast applications.

If you want great rewards you must be prepared, I believe, to work hard in the beginning. You may have to make sacrifices in order to achieve what you want from life in the long run.

If the example is working for you, as the saying goes, “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.” Another idea is KISS. ‘Keep it simple and you will have success’.

Your example shown to people is of great value too, and in some cases better than all the advice that can be given. When you are at work people are looking at your examples of how you react under pressure, when things do not go right, and if you react positively or negatively when things do not go your way.

When you have children, they are looking at you for leading by a good example. If you are the parent of children and you argue or get angry every night what example are you setting to your children? When your children start fighting and arguing with each other are they going to be impressed with you if you tell them to stop?

Ask yourself what example am I setting?

If Mum and Dad come home from work flop down in front of the television, expecting the other partner to cook a meal, and do the housework, don’t be surprised when your children are not be impressed if you ask them if they have finished all of their homework.

My answer to solve this is work as a TEAM, as together everyone achieves more. For many at the present time, it is a challenge if you have a little voice at the side of you saying, “can I help you?” and shout back “No I am busy.” This could be repeated to the next generation. Ask yourself, is this really the way I would like to see my grown-up child treat your Grandchildren or even you when elderly, for them to turn around and say “I am too busy, I have not got the time.”?

  • So remember lead by example.
  • Teach by example.
  • Remember you are responsible to find your good examples.
  • Remember that your example may be the main source of learning.
  • Learn from your examples.
  • Live by what you learn.
  • Teach by what you live.
  • Teach by example.

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