Mental Toughness Can Be Used Effectively

Mental toughness can be used effectively.

“For every mental toughness we go through, there is a germ of an equal or larger gain,” I read on a poster.

Mental toughness, it seems can be used effectively.  Regularly events have taken place in the past that appeared to be a disaster, but turned out to be a benefit in disguise.

At catering college there was a young Chinese student in our group, and she constantly scribbled her notes in what appeared to us other students at the time, to be symbols.  She stated that the words crisis and chance had the same symbol.

Why? I inquired.

Because crisis is a synonym for opportunity.


Crisis and Opportunity.

Sometimes it is not until something terrible occurs that we are compelled to leave our comfort zone or safe harbour and reconsider our lives.

Surprisingly, the worse the crisis, the greater the opportunity appears to be.

It’s remarkable how many millionaires have gone bankrupt on multiple occasions before becoming millionaires again, often in completely different fields.

I recall watching a documentary on television that specialised in lending money to people who had previously been broke.  It was based on the grounds that they had gone through the requisite learning curve and were now a solid assumption.

The issue is not the issue or difficulty itself, but rather how we respond to it.

Most frequently we waste time and energy blaming others for our predicament, and how we do not deserve it.

However, we should capitalize on this opportunity to re-group and go on, and we should use our power to be creative in resurrection the phoenix from the ashes in our crises.


Weathering the storm.

Have you ever considered that depressions and recessions are man-made and cause as much havoc as natural storms and gales?

The aftermath of the great storm of 1987 can still be seen in large portions of the southeast of England.  And the memories of that night are still clear for many people who had to deal with the severe winds and their consequences.

I also recall numerous disasters that day while driving, including one in a school playground that a tree had been blown down by the gale. The fact that no children were around at the time was a plus.  This tree needed to be cut down, but due to its age and the fact that it was protected, no one was authorised to touch it.  

I believe that very few people were not touched by the gale, and the aftermath and devastation it caused the country was on the news for several days.

Some have shared their memories with BBC News.

I recall the weatherman being the most sought person in the country at the time. 

Nature’s or God’s activities, on the other hand, provided a different perspective.


Personal Mental Toughness.

The most important factor is how people react to their own personal situations.

The way individuals understand the situation determines whether it is positive or terrible.

The responses to; What can I do about it?

What can I take away from it? and how can I change this?

What precautions can we take to avoid this happening again?


There were also unfavourable remarks

Why did this happen to me?

Who is at fault?

Who will foot the bill for this?

Who is going to take care of it for me?

Why did they allow this to happen is beyond me?


I, like many others my age, have faced struggle, and with each obstacle, you learn how to respond, and with each response, you grow to be a stronger character – if you want to learn from it. I believe that every conflict, whether won or lost, makes you stronger since there is no other way to develop character.

Due to illness, I had to withdraw from school with few qualifications.

I was accepted into a catering college and spent two years studying housekeeping and catering.

After qualifying, I experimented in catering because I preferred to be my own boss.

Then I went into care work and was able to get an Institute Of Warfare Officers Diploma, which is supposedly just below a degree, and I passed.

I passed my driving test and was able to find another job where I was able to combine cooking and care work and enjoyed every minute of my time there.

After getting Married family fled the nest in 2016 in February, I obtained my NLP practitioner certificate and Master practitioner in November 2016 and in 2020 I qualified as a trainer in NLP.


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