You Can Beat Negative Self-Talk

by 1st March 2020

Would you stay in a relationship with someone that was always negative to you – or possibly causing you mental abuse?

The obvious answer is you would look at ways of getting out of the relationship. But what if that negative self-talk was you?

From my model of the world, negative self-talk can have a crippling effect on your health behaviour and lifestyle. Constantly telling yourself, you are not as good as, “so-and-so.”

Remember you have got good points in your life too, sometimes you can not see them, but believe others can. We are all on a journey in this lifetime and none of us is getting out of here alive.

A baby comes into this world, with no program of negativity self-talk. So I believe he/she is taught from his/her parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers and others that the child has contact with as it grows up and learns.

So my question to you if you have young children, what are you saying to them? What are you feeding their tiny brains with positive or negative talk?

Also important, as an adult, what are you feeding your brain with positive or negative?

That’s an interesting question?

I will leave you to think about that.

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