Negative Thinking

  Do you suffer from negative thinking?

None of us are perfect.  Indeed we can all have those moments of negative thinking, that pity party moment.

Of course, this is okay, the trick is to not dwell on it.  Instead, recognise it as negative thinking and look to discover the root cause of that negative thought or thinking.negative, negative thinking, positive, lack, lacking

Visualisation and negative thinking.

Through visualisation a negative thought can be replaced with a positive thought.

In my article Procrastination I discus how negative thoughts can take route when you are a child you can read more here.

As an example a child who tells themself “I am no good with tools” could replace this negative thought with the visualisation of being amazing with tools.


Changing negative thinking.

Firstly, for things to change, you must change, and the key is building your confidence and belief that you can make these changes to yourself and your attitudes.

Secondly, the change in your attitude must come from internal understanding and acceptance.  Human beings are the only known creature that can be reprogrammed through coaching and hypnosis, or self-study.  Hence these are the only ways in which to ensure positive permanent change.

Finally, it is important to note that most change is likely to be met with internal resistance.  Even a basic fear of the unknown can cause a natural resistance to the change resulting in a desire to have, not the desire to be or become.


Hard work pays off.

Someone once said to me “before you can do something you must become something”.   Additionally, I have heard many a client say that “if only” they had this or that they could do what they want, if they just had money they could become a success…sadly, it does not work like that nor in that order.

Before we can have, we must become.  In other words, we have to put in all the hard work, the blood, sweat and tears before we arrive where it is we want to be.

This is the thing, it is the becoming that creates the fear.  Your self-concept wants to remain with what it is used to and our ‘comfort zone’ will begin to throw in all kinds of challenges and resistance against change.

To overcome this fear of change, you must change.

As Mark Twain said “ Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain”.

Mark Twain, Fear, Death of Fear, Do the thing you fear



Next week we will delve deeper into fear and worry.



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