Obstacles Instruct Rather Than Obstruct

Obstacles instruct rather than obstruct

We look at obstacles as adversity, but what if obstacles were there to instruct rather than obstruct us?

For example, how would you improve your character if you had a magic wand, and you could order your life avoiding all forms of adversity?

Adversity should not be dreaded or avoided; rather, it should be welcomed and overcome.

Furthermore persistence is as important as carbon is to steel, just as adversity strengthens you.

In addition, what if any time anything unusual occured you asked yourself;

“What can I learn from this?”

“What advantage may I gain from this?”

“What chances have come my way as a result of this?”


Obstacles will challenge you.

Once, at a business session I attended, I heard a story about a young farmer who had dreamed of being a farmer since he was a child.

He discovered a farm, obtained a mortgage, and moved in.  Unfortunately, because he was young, he assumed he understood everything and had no business experience.

He simply desired to raise crops and vegetables; however, after finishing his purchases, he discovered insufficient water to irrigate the things he intended to grow.

When he was out walking his dog, he came across a river, and a giant boulder had fallen in the route of the river, diverting the river to the rocks, causing the water to be lost.

That night, he had a dream in which he could demolish this obstacle.

He got up the next morning and grabbed a sledgehammer.

He slammed onto the rock with all his might.  Nothing occurred.  Not even a scratch.  When he hit it again, not a single splinter came off the rock. It wasn’t even a mark it was as though he hadn’t hit it.

He kept striking it 500 times over and over but, there was still no sign of a mark.  This is when he began to doubt himself and began to doubt his ability to move it.

He started to have that negative voice that said, “You’re so stupid buying this land.”

And we all know that if this negative voice persists, we start to believe it.

After a short rest, he hit it again and again, until the rock shattered in two and water spilled through on the 502nd hit.


You can overcome the obstacles

Firstly, you never obtain what you want or desire right immediately.  You must keep chipping away at it until you succeed.  So many of us give up when we are almost there.

Although the Farmer questioned his foolishness in purchasing the farm.  He kept his original promise.

Secondly, to be successful, you must believe in yourself, do what you need to do when you need to do it, and keep doing it until you obtain the desired result.

You must commit to continuing not only when things are easy, but also when things are difficult. When everything within you tells you to give up.

Lastly, always decide ahead of time that you will never give up, no matter what happens.  Consider every setback as a learning experience that must be endured before you can become what you desire.

Don’t let self-centred obstacles like self-doubt stop you from starting.  Resolve to persevere until you succeed.

“It won’t kill you, and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” a late deputy head told us at school.



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