Obtain More Time for you

by Jul 20, 2021

Obtain more time for you

Setting boundaries

You need to set boundaries in both your work and your home life .

Some people can drain your energy both mentally and physically and even spiritually, leaving you completely depleted of your energy.

The reverse is also true – some people can really give you an injection of energy.

Through not guarding your time you allow yourself to be compromised by people taking control over your life thereby weakening your position further, both at work and in your personal life.

Setting and maintaining boundaries is a sign of a healthy relationship both at home and at work.

If you communicate your expectations; what you need, when and why, then you cannot go wrong when you set your boundaries by saying “I feel, or I need.”

Schedule Household chores time management

One-minute saves 5

It was drummed into me at catering college “every minute spent planning saves 5 minutes of execution”.

Just visualise that for a minute – being five times more effective!

What would you do with all the extra time?

The idea with strategies and planning is to achieve better results and remember “perfect practice makes perfect”.

With that power at your fingertips, you have everything under your control.

Now sit back, take five minutes and let that sink in

Remember every minute you plan saves 5 minutes.

One minute saves five minutes Time management

Never spend 20 minutes on a 5-minute problem

If you have a problem whether it be social media, web design, logo, writing, etc. which takes someone else 5 minutes to do … delegate the job, saving you valuable time.

It could be a simple 5-minute problem like:

what’s for tea?

– 20 minutes solution looking at loads of cookbooks


5-minute solution looking at what is in the fridge and picking three ingredients, start cooking.

5-minute problem with “what do I wear on a date“.

20 minutes (or more) solution spending the day on the high street, buying a new wardrobe on credit.


5 minutes solution – open wardrobe, collect three of your favourite outfits, try them on, choose which one makes you feel good.

Never spend 20 minutes on a 5 minute Job Time management


We all need to allocate an hour, at least monthly, to brainstorm – reviewing ideas (both old and new) so that we are prepared with new ways of how to manage things and potentially achieve the success we deserve.

There is no rule about capturing as many pie-in-the-sky ideas as you can, however, do this without judgement.

It might sound like child’s play, however, some amazing breakthroughs have happened during brainstorming.  If this is not an amazingly good use of your time, I do not know what is.

Remember investing in brainstorming ideas will certainly be good value for money.

Brain storm time management

Wake up early!

Feel like there are not enough hours in the day?

Even when your alarm clock goes off it may feel like your sworn enemy.

Going to bed when the sun goes down and getting up when the sun rises maybe all you need to do to get your jobs done.

If you spend hours in traffic jams maybe leave home at 6:00 AM so you miss all the traffic.

Remember the early bird gets the worms.

Wake up early Time Management

Take care of yourself.

Make time for you – if you are not in tip-top condition it will take twice as long to get your jobs done.

The responsibility for looking after you rests with you, so take time to exercise regularly, take time for beauty treatments or even read a book, doing whatever you enjoy.

Take Care of you Time Management

Combine Errands

What I mean by this is – can you combine going swimming or walking with doing the shopping and filling the car up with fuel – all in one day.

So plan what can be done to save time, think if you were a bee how many flowers could you pollinate in one day.  They do not just pollinate one flower at a time they pollinate many.

So think about what jobs can be done in one day to save you time.

Combining errands for Time Management

Rocks pebbles sand

Do you find you struggle to find the time for what matters to you?

What I want you to do is imagine your brain is a jar, then you have rocks that are the urgent tasks that you need to do, like filling the empty petrol tank.

Pebbles are non-urgent, but important, tasks we need to get done – for instance decluttering your desk or the email box.

The sand is the low priority activities like watching TV shows.

What happens if you fill your brain up with the sand first is that it leaves no room for the pebbles or rocks.

So remember the urgent tasks first, important tasks and low priority activities next.

Rocks Pebbles Sand Time Management

Your preferred method of communication

Today, unlike years ago where it was mail or telegram and eventually the landline phone, we have technology giving us emails, mobiles and the internet, enabling us to communicate in hundreds of ways.

The original technology for speedy communications was the Telegram which is now extinct, with (snail) Mail and landline phones being used by very few people or businesses.

Finding the best way people want to communicate with you enables you to get more done.

Remember as the song goes: The more we get together the happier we will be!


The prefered communication method for Time Management

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