One must see to believe

One must see to believe. 

The phrase “I’ll believe it when I see it” is quiet a popular one. 

Despite you telling someone that something works, or them telling you it works, it might not be good enough. 

Sometimes, before it is accepted, certain people will feel the need to examine, dissect, dismantle and rip it apart.

Unless they are made to understand how it works they have no belief.  Still, once it is seen, it is believed. 

However, even seeing it is insufficient for some people, in the new world we refer to these people as the detail people, and they need more.

Believing is seeing, and since we can only see what we believe, we won’t see anything unless we believe we can have it.


What happens when you believe?


Once you have that belief, it is possible to become more conscious of what you love seeking, and to attract previously unnoticed items that are in harmony with your beliefs.

For example, let’s say you decide to get a new car that is a little different from the ones you’ve had in the past, but still satisfying your needs. 

You locate and buy the car of your dreams. 

As a result, whilst driving it home you unexpectedly discover a bunch of cars that are all similar to yours. 


In fact this is actually a result or your RAS (The Reticular Activating System) in your brain, and therefore not a coincidence at all!

Essentially, the RAS creates a filter for the things that you’re focused on, that you deem important and that validate your beliefs.  So it’s continuously working for you in order to filter the millions of bits of data and only present the things that you find important

For example, that new car you just purchased!

Amazingly, all of this happens without you even realizing it.

So, over time, through this process, we attract what we focus on.  Therefore, it must be generated consciously and not to repel it, it must be generated to create.

To emphasise, you already have the ability to attract, but you must be aware of it. 

The size of our thoughts.

Imagine if each of us emits vibrations with varying intentions on the size of our thoughts. 

Overall it is common knowledge that radio waves and radar are always around us and can pass through solid objects.  However, it was Gulidmo Marconi, a physicist and inventor, who in 1894 started to conduct experiments on radio waves and went on to be credited the inventor of radio and developer of wireless technology.

Furthermore he won the Nobel Prize, and ‘proved’ the existance of radio waves.


The ripple effect.


Consider throwing a pebble into a stream of pond and noticing the ripples or waves that appear.

Once they approach the shore they appear to stop.

Now consider if you were to throw two stones of different size and weight into different spots, together.  Both will cause waves and a ripple effect that will eventually collide with each other.

Additionally, it will appear as though one of the two stones caused waves that appear as if they are pushing the others side as they collided.

The ripples of the larger stone take over those of the small stone leaving waves in their path.

The same thing happens with your thoughts: the bigger, stronger and more important a thought, the more likely it is to dominate or overcome all other or lesser thoughts.


The ripple of our thoughts.


Given that a positive idea is considerably bigger, has a quicker pace, and has a much higher vibration when it is sent out into the electromagnetic universe in which we live, all negative thoughts will be blown away as you submerge your good thoughts in the sea of vibration and power. 

Positive ideas will prevail over all obstacles to accomplish their objective because just like the bigger stone in the pond, they too create bigger ripples and waves.

The human mind is alway drawing in energies that are in tune with its predominant thinking.  Therefore, you perceive reality before you believe. 


What you truly believe.


What you truly believe with feeling will manifest in your reality according to the universal rule of believing.   In as much as it is already common knowledge that one will eventually believe whatever they repeat to themselves, whether it is true or false. 

Even if it is false, it will be taken for gospel, for it is the dominant thoughts that fill someone’s mind that shapes who they are. 


They can however change and advance should they so choose.


Repeating something, over and over again can establish the mental state of faith, turning an ordinary thought vibration into a strong irresistible method for manifesting into the world what you want.

Believe that the strength, expertise and energy you require to succeed by having a positive ‘I can’ attitude.


Genuine belief.


Firstly, when you genuinely think that you can do something, the how just naturally appears. 

Secondly. understanding yourself and accepting who you are and organising your life are essential steps.

Lastly, you should always encourage positive emotions to dominate your thoughts, and of course on the reverse of that diminish or eliminate those bad thoughts.

It will seem as though you are in control of your situation and that everything is working for you rather than against you when you have a positive outlook


Before you can begin you must have the belief that will motivate you.

One of the most essential things you have is your belief, so resist attempts of others who have little or no faith and are trying to mislead you. 

If you follow their advice you will live their life rather than your own.

Only a small portion of each generation fully lives the life they have chosen for themselves.  Sadly, the majority of people have little faith in themselves, but know that with good coaching or a good coach this can change.

Frank Lloyd Wright said; “The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.”



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