Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs


The moment that we are born we are programmed by our outside influences, this is where our beliefs begin.  We are programmed by our parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, older siblings, teachers, everyone who is around us.

The first seven years of our lives sees the start of where the initial programming foundation starting between 0-7 years old.

Although the people around you do have good intention, this programming can damage our self-esteem and result in us holding a negative self-image.

For example, those of us who have a weight problem know only too well the saying ‘You are what you eat’.


Mind Food


Firstly, if we become what we think about, it must follow that the mind is what the mind is fed.

Therefore our mind food is our environment; do we live in a good or a bad environment and what is influencing our thoughts.

Lastly, our mind food determines our habits, whether good or bad, our attitude and our personality.


The impact of your surroundings


As children we are conditioned by influence, then experience.

When a family member, or even a friend, remarks that a child certainly has its fathers temper, the child has not inherited it.  He/she was conditioned, it has become a learned behaviour.

Furthermore, as a child if we see that a fit of temper gets the person what he/she wants, we will display such a behaviour to get what we want.  What’s more if it works for us then we will carry on until it becomes a habit.

Consequently, we have now decided that this is the behaviour that will get us what we want, even if it triggers negative results, and as such doesn’t make us very successful in life.


Not just behaviour


This conditioning may not be just behaviour; it could be words, advise arguments or even persuading our families what to expect of ourselves.

Often this negative behaviour from parents can be passed to the child, despite the child having more hidden strengths to the parents.

But the vast majority of us were conditioned as children whilst we were growing up, and without knowing a thing about it.

A consistent ‘don’t do this’ and ‘don’t do that’ will do it, surprisingly the brain does not recognise the don’ts.


Believe.  Achieve.


At an unexpectedly young age we make plans to beat the unknown.

We plan to become leaders, to do exciting things, become wealthy, become famous and become the greatest.

As a young child we believe this to be true, and we believe that we will achieve it.

Then we get told to ‘live in the real world’ and that all our plans are not going to happen.

Remember that the adults did the best with the knowledge that they had at the time, so it isn’t always appropriate to blame your parents.


We can Change our Beliefs


Without a doubt you can change it all. 

Lets get you changing it today!

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