Suffering from major procrastination syndrome with the way we are conditioned and influenced by our surroundings, it is no wonder how easy our natural creativity and potential can be severely blocked.when, no, not now, procrastination, later, time

It is these deep-rooted programmes that can hold us back from success in life.

Before we can provide a plan of action to where you want to go, it is important to point out your major obstacles that you will come across and find a solution to overcome these first.

These are the no syndrome, the negative thinking, fear and worry, procrastination, past mistakes, and failures.

Let’s take a closer look at each one.


No! Syndrome.

Children grow up in an atmosphere where the normal response is ‘no’ rather than ‘yes’.  We are not outright blaming parents here, this is down to parental ignorance rather than something done deliberately.

Due to programming as they are growing up, a child who hears no more than yes is more likely to accept a negative way of life.

They, oblivious to their parents and themselves, will concentrate on why things ‘can’t’ or ‘shouldn’t’ be done rather than how things can be obtained.

It is also more probable that these children grow up prone to procrastinating and making excuses.


What that can look like from childhood to adulthood.

As an example, imagine a child wants to help dad in the garage.  They pick up a tool and ask, ‘Can I help mum/dad?’  The parent, meaning no harm and busy trying to get things done says ‘no’.  Children being children they are likely to continue to ask or trying to help anyway. 

Most likely in frustration and/or anger the parent shouts no, no, no, you don’t know what you are doing, leave it alone, go and play in another room, or any one of a hundred other things.  Perhaps the child the continues, and as punishment is sent to their room.

Years later as a young adult, recalling how they were treated as a child, and what they were told, begins making excuses “Oh, I can’t, I am no good with tools”. 

All they are doing is acting in a manner of which is consistent with the conditioned self-concept, the programming they had as a child.


Once you are aware you can make changes.

Sadly, as adults in a lot of cases they are not even aware that these self-concepts even exist, and therefore put things down to ‘bad luck’ or they just feel like they can’t accomplish things.  This just confirms their gloomy predictions for the future.

Desperate for success and everything the world has to offer, they will focus on the failure and believe that it is the outside circumstances.  Yet what has actually happened is they are carrying seeds of their own failure around from the negative thinking they had as a child.


Next week we will go into negative thinking in more detail.




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