We don’t have one positive or negative self-concept, we have many.  Because of this we are as varied as our behaviours, and through every action we take, we are either one person that we accept or reject.  Self-acceptance entails enjoying the person that you are. 


Do you enjoy who you are?


Until a person achieves some kind of self-acceptance, no real success is conceivable.  Since accepting yourself as you are right now is the first step to self-acceptance, in is important to recognise both your strengths and your weaknesses, as well as your flaws and shortcomings.

With this in mind, it is important to note that these shortcomings are not who you are, and makes this acceptance much easier.  After all, it does not follow that you are a failure just because you have made a mistake or experienced failure previously.


I believe that you were a success rather than a failure when you were born.  

Be yourself and accept who you are!

Never copy other people.

In addition, never carry someone else’s image, carry your own.


Another key point is that you decide your value, no one else needs to hear you deferend it.

It is important to remember that not liking your behaviour in certain situations has nothing to do with self-worth.  Equally, people who are unhappy attempt to convince themselves on a regular basis that they are something that they are not.  

Ultimately, the ability to let go and be real is the first step towards self-expression based success.  Once you accept who you are and determine that you are deserving of yourself and make that choice, you may begin to improve your self- image.


Let me tell you that within you, you have more knowledge, power and skill than you realise.  


Bettering one’s self image unlocks and uses existing talents and abilities rather than developing new ones.  Keep in mind that success in all areas is only the result of better utilising your talent.


In fact, truly accepting oneself entails accepting oneself without any judgement.


Self-acceptance, self-perception and self-realisation.


Knowing that a person requires having particular human characteristics makes accepting who you are the most logical course of action.

When you alter self-perception, you are altering or bettering yourself, rather than altering the mental image you have of yourself, as well as your appraisal conception and realisation of that self.

Recognise that you will always be yourself, that you can not be charged because you didn’t create it, you can only acknowledge it.  

Since it is the only one you have, use your’self’ as the means of achieving self-realisation.

We are constantly growing.


People cannot reach their full potential in a single lifetime, since success is a journey rather than a destination.  In fact we are constantly growing because we are inherently faulty. 

Our skills and expertise may constantly be improved.  Therefore, never despise yourself for not being flawless, or from deviating from social norms of what one should or shouldn’t do.


Take pride in who you are.

Change the way you see yourself, take control of your life.

Begin by admiring and appreciating yourself.

Discover who you really are. 

Be sure to not minimise your skills, assets or failures. 

Learn to see yourself honestly at your best.

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