So What Exactly Is Success?

So, what exactly is success?  True success has nothing to do with material possessions but is measured by what we have accomplished.

Once we feel proud of ourselves and happy with what we have achieved.

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Success will be different to all of us, as is our journey to achieve our planned objective which we feel is worthwhile.  However, some people will compare their success based on what others have achieved.

For you to be successful you must look at your achievements and the steps that you have taken to achieve what you want from life.



Success is not just about achieving the goal.  In addition to the success of the end goal, the journey, the steps you take, the lessons you learn, your attitude and habits are all part of the overall success.

For this reason, your goal should stretch you, it must be worthwhile!  Furthermore, it should mean something to you.  Perhaps you may not have been successful in the past because you lacked clarity and purpose for your goal.


It isn’t all material

Much emphasis is placed on success being about material things or material wealth.  Although there is nothing wrong with this, these are a by-product and emphasis should be placed more on the rewards of prestige, security, and peace of mind.  Money is neither good, nor bad, despite some people claiming it is the root of all evil.


We already hold an unlimited force within us to do what we want.  With the right techniques and programming of your neck top computer, your mind, you can achieve whatever it is your desire to do with your life.


All great thinkers believe that you become what you focus on and think about.


When you are struggling with life, just remember:

Firstly, you are the most important living person this century!  Every step you take is a step in the right direction, be proud of you.

Secondly, discover and share your unique talents.  Remember how important you are.

Thirdly, focus on what you want to increase in your life.  WE can all be successful in life, we just need to open more doors and remember deep within, we have the keys to unlock them.

Finally, Knowledge is not a dangerous thing.  Ignorance is not bliss.


I dare you to explore the power within and ask yourself, what exactly does success mean to me?

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