Strengthening Personality Values

Strengthening Personality Values

When it comes to strengthening personality values, the possibilities are endless. In addition, if you make good use of the resources available, you can have a positive effect on your life and career.

Furthermore, the belief that nature is permanent, and it is not possible to change it is not true, because with effort, you can improve your habits and the pattern of thinking.

When I was a teenager, my late father worked for a local plant company.  Occasionally we would go for coffee or afternoon tea and her would often sit and, as I call it, people gaze.

He would pretend they were there on business.  In fact, he would know who the salesman was and who was the customer based on their body language, and he would also know if the deal was on or off.

I believe he used to observe in order to learn ‘quick fix’ procedures for himself.


The approval of others.

To achieve a given position, prestige, or social station, we learn how to make other individuals who may be crucial to us like us.  All of this is done unknowingly.

In addition, although not on purpose, these diverse personality traits or tactics become manipulative and dishonest – aimed to gain what we want from people or get where we want to go as quickly as possible.

For example, my father attended several sales meetings, and I recall him telling me a tale about two businesspeople meeting for the first time in preparation for a deal.  One or both may use the ‘power look’ he referred to as the serious stare technique.

Naturally, this mode of expression would only be effective in the short term because it has the appearance of being dishonest.


Because we can read each other’s body language.  

The individual is saying, “I’m powerful,” “I’m confident,” and “I’m significant.”  But, to act sincerely toward somebody, you must first feel sincerely for that person.


In brief, by working on your character debt.

First, eye contact is essential because it allows your sincerity to shine through.

Besides, there is no need to cover internal security with personality garments on the outside.  All else being equal, you can detect inconsistencies from a mile away, but if two persons engaged in conception have been exposed to these types of procedures, they may be unaware of it.

When I initially started in sales, I was informed that individuals communicate not through what they say, but through how they make you feel via what you say.  

Yet, when I first started my NLP training, I was advised that only 7% of what you say is what you transmit; it is how you make them feel, not what you say.


Understanding the values of others.

Understanding people’s values and what is important to them is also crucial.

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you,” was a golden guideline I was taught as a child.

On the whole, the virtues that stem from the foundation of success – true success – are integrity, sincerity, humility, courage, justice, and modesty.  By incorporating these principles into our basic character, we effectively restore the character ethic in all aspects of our lives.

Obviously, every human being has basic needs that we attempt to meet before we contemplate higher levels.

Undoubtedly water and food are our most basic biological needs, followed by physical and psychological demands.   But, above all, we need to be loved and accepted by others, and we need to boost our self-esteem.

Finally, we want to reach our maximum potential and become the best person we can be with all the abilities and talents we are capable of acquiring.  Unquestionably, we all have the ability to acquire this.


Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs:

maslows hierachy of needs


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