Taking Control Of Your Life

Taking control of your life

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they begin taking control of their life and must make a life-changing decision.

Everybody feels the time, but so many swallow and disregard their feelings continuing to live their lives as they are.

This can lead to feelings of guilt, resentment and even regret.  Whatever the mood, the grief of what may have been if only…

It might happen when you are a child, when you are 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, or even when you are 70!

I know of one person who was 78 when he made a life changing decision based on the realisation that “if it is to be, it is up to me.”  But, when it comes to life decisions, better late than never.


Once in a lifetime.

Halley’s comet, for example, appears only once in a lifetime, with the last sighting occurring on February 9, 1986, and the next sighting scheduled to be July 28, 2061.  It comes around when it comes around.

Likewise, it is also said that there comes a unique time in an individual’s spirit when all emotions are channelled into one notion and the heart and mind shout loud enough!

At this time, your determination, passion, and resolution fill you with a type of energy that, when channelled appropriately, transforms you into a tremendously powerful force.

Indeed, this is likely to occur before or after self-awareness, acceptance, or an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence.  A consequence of a total realisation that you can only be the ruler of your own life if you accept responsibility for it.

Furthermore, the acknowledgement connects all the other sensations of empowerment.  Then, with a well-planned strategy and the willingness to pay the price, you go from accomplishment to accomplishment.


Directions to taking control of your life.

The following several blogs will be structured similarly to a workshop containing tactics, plans, and reward charts.

By faithfully following the directions, you will lay the groundwork for your magnificent life.

Life is not an audition; it is not a dress rehearsal; you only get one shot at playing the part you want.

Because they aim to affect the outer world, use these recommendations to lay the groundwork for your foundation.

control, take control, think, time out, taking control

Just like driving a car.

As an example, consider a car.

You own the world’s most sought-after supercar.

You polish the car’s exterior till it shines and sparkles.

That car has a fantastic self-image.

On the other hand, the engine is never cared for.  That car’s self-esteem is a poor starting point for performance.


Maintaining the mechanics.

The fuel you put in the tank is equivalent to goals that allow it to move forward if the carburettor, it’s desire, injects it appropriately to allow all the cylinders of emotion to fire in the correct order.

The hand break represents the releasing of worries and concerns.

Yes, the four wheels on the car propel the vehicle ahead, but what if blame and wrath are involved?

Even at full speed, if the wheels are locked, the car will spin.

When the gear of confidence shifts up, the brake and accelerator are the car’s logic and emotions, respectively.

The steering wheel allows the car to travel in any direction it is pointed.

The map, with its marked direction, is on the passenger seat, waiting for the car, the individual’s key.


Mastering the clutch.

The clutch is the car’s responsibility.  It will only move forward if the clutch is released.  The clutch initiates movement and oversees all other components.  Even with the brakes off and the engine running full throttle, the clutch maintains control.

Do you recall your very first driving lesson?

Do you recall the first time you raised that clutch?

When you originally seized control of that car, did your left foot make it move?

You most likely relocated all over the place.

It’s the same as taking control of your life and accepting responsibility for it; it’s never easy at first, but after a million signals, you change gear smoothly and without thinking about it.

Hence, you will enjoy the smoothness of taking control of and mastering your life and finally being in command of yourself!




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