Hear It From The People Who Have Changed Their Lives
“Karen helped me sort out my problem with lack of confidence. Before I saw her, I would get very nervous when I was teaching, and if the response was not good, I would panic and didn’t know what to do next. After I saw Karen, I had a project that I needed to teach people, I was not nervous at all, and when people became confused, rather than panic, I was calm and explained in different ways until people understood. I would certainly recommend Karen.”

Teacher, London

“I arrived at my NLP session with Karen feeling rather deflated and at a loss to know which direction I should go. I left feeling absolutely inspired and ready to tackle my next challenge. Goals have been set and I now have a specific plan in place. To those wondering if NLP will work for them..just try it.. You will be in very safe hands with Karen.”
Beverley Bernhard-Bridges

“Karen and I were introduced at Chutney and Chat West Midlands business networking dinner. I was immediately drawn to her offer to help people break negative thinking and turn their behaviour into something more positive. During our meeting Karen, a Master NLP Coach, explained NLP Time Line Therapy (TM) and Hypnosis. Karen’s advice is sensitive, clear-thinking and practical; I would recommend you have a chat with her to see if her work is of benefit to you.”

Creative Enterprise Owner, Sandwell

“Well what can I say, my son who is 9yrs old now was bullied over the past 4 years at primary school. He went to school every day to just accept this treatment, we as parents tried sorting this situation out & head teacher fully aware but basically was useless & let us & our son down massively. Caused stress, anxiety upset to name just a few emotions for all involved. This led to the point of our son considering ways of suicide at this very young age which broke our heart. Enough was enough & we moved schools which in time has been the best decision ever. Things were very hard & adjusting to a new school has its problems especially when our son was broken! I barely recognised my little boy I just couldn’t help him to find a way out of this pain? Lashing out at the people who loved him the most but couldn’t control the anger & frustration this bullying had caused.

Until I was recommended to Karen Baughan. We were a little sceptical at first but we were at a point that nothing was working councillors, projects, teachers etc etc. Just wasn’t working. We just wanted to help our son. Over several sessions with Karen we started to notice a small difference although our son isn’t the most talkative of children now and very shy he began to open up a little bit at a time. He gained trust and absorbed information given to him. As the weeks went by we had ups & downs but we noticed he was slowly making a lot of progress. Don’t get me wrong life was still difficult. One day he had a football match against his bully & the reason we ended up leaving his old school. This created a lot of anxiety for everyone involved and was a worrying time as their was no way of avoiding this game. But the game happened, my son held it together to become the better person and was extremely relieved after this was over & he just cried. With the tools Karen had given him to be able to over come this bully & be the strong little boy we know he is we were so proud of him for doing so. This was a bully he would get angry about & not know how he would react if he ever came face to face with each other again. We as parents were scared of this day and would keep him away from events in the local area just so they didn’t ever need to meet unexpectedly.

He handled this situation fantastically & so proud. Can not thank Karen NLP enough for all of her patience & time & hard work & perseverance with our son to help him to be able to deal with his emotions in a positive way now.

You think as parents you can handle any situation thrown at you but in this situation, we just couldn’t see a light.
Thank you so much for everything Karen we finally have our little boy back x”

Julie Harris

“Karen helped with my comfort eating. She has helped me reprogram my way of thinking about certain foods and also helped with my confidence and has set me on the road to success with my career. Karen is a lovely and caring lady very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend NLP!”
Shelley Howell

“Karen was able to help me with my fears and phobias to the point where I only needed 3 hours with Karen after my initial session. Karen worked wonders with my addiction that I’d been trying to kick for years, and she just knew how to find the root cause.

I don’t believe you will be disappointed if you contact Karen to find out how she can help move your life forward.”


Business Owner, West Midlands

“I highly recommend this for the services it provides. 100% satisfied”
Marie Taj

“Karen combined NLP and hypnosis to help resolve some past deeply held issues plus future time lining goal work. I can definitely feel a positive shift in my fears and new positive perceptions that are emerging. Karen is friendly and understanding with a great depth of expertise. Excellent work Karen”
John Drinkwater

West Midlands

“She is great! Very supportive and she helped and motivated me in achieving my goals. Whatever the issue is, with Karen you are in safe hands. Thank you Karen.”
Silvana Scibetta


“I had a series of solution focused coaching sessions with Karen to help me over come a fear of confrontation. I highly recommend Karen and her coaching sessions. She has enabled me to overcome a life long fear and feel confident and in control of my life.”
Shelley Howell

“I worked with Karen to uncover and deal with subconscious blocks that I knew were holding me back. I found Karen very comfortable to work with. She listens carefully to understand, and her techniques are quick and easy to do, and extremely effective. I haven’t looked back since. I highly recommend Karen.”

Author, Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Mindset Coach, Professional Speaker, Medium, West Midlands

“Wow what can I say and where do I start. Karen is a wonderful person and a huge asset and inspiration to so many. I first came to Karen ( back in June) when I was lacking confidence, felt trapped and saw no way in moving forward. I was tired of knowing the help I needed but not having the services to be able to access it.
I had been to the doctor’s numerous times in the past and both times I was referred to counselling and both times I didn’t feel listened to by my doctor. It was very frustrating and I felt as though I was hitting a brick wall.
After about a year or so after exhausting all my options I decided I was going to go down a route a bit different to my usual this time and decided I was going to approach a company called Refresh (locally in Evesham, Worcestershire) it had been on my mind for sometime and I was itching to approach them and it was there I met the lovely Karen and our sessions evolved.

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am of her support and the time she has given me to find myself again, believe in myself and find my true purpose. One like no other. Karen I highly recommend to anyone out there who is struggling, feeling negative, lost and wants to find their purpose. She is a great inspiration but you must be willing to put the time in else it won’t work and please please please for the ones who think it’s expensive it really isn’t at all. She is great value for money, her sessions are well worth your time and if you think it’s expensive then you don’t know what your missing out on.

I am on the 5th session tomorrow, the 5th out of 6th I’ve learnt so much in such a short time she has helped me massively with the positive affirmations and mindset. Within the second session I noticed a huge difference and the 4th even more so as I’ve been on a self discovering and healing journey this year so to see the person I was to what I am now was truly amazing and mind-blowing and if that is what one person can do to you just think what you can do when you put the effort in yourself.

Seriously my words cannot express my forever gratitude and kindness to you Karen thank you so much 🙂 xxxxx”

Laura Jones

West Midlands

“Karen I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have done for me over the the last few weeks, you have helped me through some very difficult times. You are amazing!”
Claire Mack

West Midlands

“Thank you Karen for helping me today. You have given me back my confidence and helped me to relax. I feel so much better now. Onwards and upwards!”
Tina Cadd

“Karen is a lovely lady. I’m happy to recommend her to anyone who is interested in NLP or well-being. I really like her passion and kindness. Thanks for this lovely morning.”
Valerie Szemes

“Had a half hour call with Karen tonight and we managed to find out what had been bugging me and form a plan!! Within half an hour I have come away feeling even more positive than I already was!!! Fully recommend Karen”
Louize Beatrice Jackson

“Karen & I have worked together on some NLP techniques and I have come away feeling really positive and feeling that I have some useful tools at my disposal. Karen has succeeded where others had failed previously so I am really happy”
Claire Mack

West Midlands