The Most Important Success Factors

The Most important Success factors!


On the whole when looking at success factors, your attitude affects everything you do is life.  Overall your attitude affects everything you do in life, and your love of optimism about the future will determine almost 90% of your success.  

Obviously we all want great results from our lives and the most important factor that will guarantee success is an optimistic mindset.

Keep in mind that attitudes are nothing more than thinking patterns, and patterns of thought are learned and can be changed.


They are both formable and learnable



You see we all have a tendency to fulfil our expectations, including those regarding the results of our attitudes.  Simply said “the way you view life will decide how it treats you!”


Because you get back what you put out, everything you do or say in life will have the same effect, allowing you to control the quality of your own life.


Of course it is important to remember that you possess the totality of thinking patterns you have developed up to this point in life.  But, is apparent that previous environmental influences cannot be controlled. 

However, the great news is, you can surely change your environmental thoughts, as well as you behaviour and attitude if you make a conscious effort.


How would you say people have reacted to you when you entered a room?

This of cause can help you access the quality your attitude, when It is done with a smile and good humour.



The Universe rewinds.

As we know it can be challenging to persuade people that their actions and attitude are related.  After all, we all have friends & family members that believe that if others were kind to them, they would be kind back.

Whatever is expressed outside will be impressed within according to Aristotle’s law of expression.

Pure hatred people tend to attract terrible events.  Essentialy they attract negative events, and these encounters serve to reinforce the persons negative attitude by reinforcing the expectations of negative consequences.


So, without question, one attitude is a mirror of who they are on the inside, and if you want them to change for better, you both need to change first.

Keep in mind that whether these alter for better or worse, the world couldn’t care less.

Your outlook on life has a much greater impact on you than it does the rest of the world.



How do you cultivate a positive outlook?

Simply put, with practice a bad attitude will produce poor results, but a good attitude will produce good results.

Why not be positive and achieve amazing things?

Think positive, success, positive thinking,

You could have a brilliant IQ and still have a poor/bad attitude. In other words, it doesn’t matter if a person is intelligently educated etc, the truth be told opinions are more important than facts.

Instead focusing on the reason why you can achieve something rather than the reason why you can’t, and having a positive outlook both at home and at work place, can cultivate an I’m winning mentally. 

Make use of your intelligence to advance the course or use it to find the winning tactics rather than the defeatist attitude.


Your ability should rise along with your mindset.


Keep in mind a bad attitude might ruin your career or business!




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