There is no such thing as a free lunch

There are no such thing as free lunches.

In brief, what I mean when I say there are no such things as free lunches, is the cost of success must be paid in full ahead of time.

It is important to recognise this, and of course to pay the cost.

Undoubtedly, we must make sacrifices, whether in the form of forgoing leisure time, having to learn new skills, or tightening the belt while saving for something.

However, by us determining the cost in advance, we can choose whether we are willing to pay the price or not.

Hence, there are no such things as a free lunchs!

Naturally, once you have estimated all of your costs, compare them to the big benefits you will obtain from completing your goals, and you will realise how modest the cost is.


Benefits and rewards.

Firstly, my reasoning is that individuals do not even fantasise about achievement because they are afraid of the cost. 

Furthermore, it is easy to be pessimistic during the planning stage, the prospect of paying any price of any type might dampen enthusiasm for reaching aims or goals.

Secondly, knowing the cost ensures that you physiologically prepare yourself in terms of resolve and discipline, just as you would if you were picking up a barbell, a newspaper, or a book. 

After all, when you focus on the predicted benefits, the price is proportional and becomes acceptable – assuming you have decided it is worth it to you.

Lastly, keep in mind, that the cost of average results is substantially higher than the cost of spectacular successes, and you are completely accountable to yourself.

To illustrate, the formats I’ve created below highlight the benefits and rewards in general, and the reasons why.


Everything is important.

Always, when making goals, remember that everything counts.

By starting to think about what you want, everything you do will either move you closer to, or further away from it.

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Since you are responsible for your own actions, anything you do or do not is a form of self-irresponsibility at its most severe.

For example, most people spend 20-30 hours a week watching television (either live video or Netflix, for example), and they convince themselves that they don’t have time to do what they want in life.

Additionally, they deceive themselves by saying, “why shouldn’t I?”, it’s the only way for me to relax after a long day at work, and I deserve it.

Without a doubt, what occurs is that another evening spent on getting closer to their goal has passed them by and “last night did not count”, they say.


Everything matters!

Anything that leads you to what you desire is correct, and everything that leads you away from what you desire is incorrect.

It is integrated into your plan if it is part of the reward system.  If not, perhaps what you thought you wanted was not what you truly wanted after all.  

To develop desire, you must raise the why.

So, what is your why?

When arranged, desire is pure power.  Failure to pursue your desires, to do what you want to do most, leads to mediocrity.

In the same way that many steps create a long journey, one or two hours a day, every day will get you where you want to go.

Each step results in a positive count.

Each stop results in a negative count.

Neutral is not an option.


Always maintain your focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. 

On the whole, where there is focus, there is action!



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