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Have you got too much to do and too little time to get everything done by, my next 10 weeks of top tips may help you?

Breathe Stress Away

Breathe Stress AwayWhat do I mean by this, I do not mean hold on to your breath and stop breathing?

I believe stress is the enemy in time-management effectiveness. The best way to combat stress is to relax. Take five minutes and do some deep breathing exercises, and I find people feel so much better, and when I do this myself. I am ready to catch up with my work.

I find meditation and or hypnosis works well when I am really struggling to keep myself going, never think you have not got time for you.

After taking five minutes of deep breathing or doing hypnosis or doing meditation I can certainly tell you. You will feel great and achieve more.

Arrive and Leave on Time

Arrive and leave on timeI dislike being late for any appointment, I attempt to turn up to an appointment with at least 15 minutes’ breathing space. This is when you can network with people too, finding out more about them so use that time wisely.

I also believe in getting up at least 1 ½ hours before you must leave in the morning, ok today many people are still working from home. I still get up get washed and dressed as if I did have to leave the house for work.

When the meeting is over leave when it has finished unless there is someone you want to talk to or have a meeting afterwards with someone.

At the meeting you do need to be present and fully engaged, this will earn you respect from your business associates. If you leave the meeting on time people will probably not even realise, you have gone. Many people will drag out conversations and drag their feet.

You on the other hand will stand out from the crowd as someone who has important work to do.

Remember stick to your schedule.

Plan Ahead

Plan AheadLet us have a think, how far into the future can we see?

We can have a glimpse of tomorrow, so always plan ahead.

What needs to get done? Write the steps down

What would you like to get done? Write these steps down.

Spontaneity has its place, that why it is important to know where you are going.

You will be more effective when the rubber hits the road, and its time to step on the accelerator.

Remember fail to plan and you plan to fail. You do need those steps written down.

Do not wait for latecomers

Do not wait for latecomersDoes it seem harsh locking the doors when the meeting starts it can be effective but may appear harsh for more sensitive people especially if they are the one running late? A more sensitive approach would be to start the meeting without them, minutes wasted add up, and the saving made can be turned into pounds saved.

Remember you are only as strong as your weakest link, but you need not let latecomers stop you or your groups progress.

I remember when I was employed, I sold advertising space in a magazine, the owner who was the boss got through staff like some people would have hot dinners, she was always late turning up.

In those days I was used to starting work at 9 am in the morning, so after commuting to work I would find I was unable to get into the office, as on numerous occasions the boss would be late.

I would sit in the kitchen with a drink of coffee and reading my latest, Personal development book anything from 15 minutes to an hour or so later I think the latest was lunchtime she turned up.

I never wasted time.

Ask yourself whose time is more important?

Zoom meetings online and conference meetings

Zoom meetings online and conference meetingsWhy spend hours in traffic, queuing, going through security if going abroad or having to slow down for every speed bump on the road to your next meeting?

During the recent pandemic, we have certainly changed working from home, we have found technology works and you can network and talk and do business with people all over the world. One day I was talking to people in India, Israel, America, France, Spain, Germany, and England, without having to pay for a flight, saving conserving my energy and most importantly, saving time.

Video Intent conference is so affordable, easy to use, and ultimately helps you, and ultimately helps you conserve your precious resource time.

Remember your simulated presence is sufficient for most meetings is acceptable. Half the people I have spoken to, I have yet to meet in person.


OutsourcingRunning a business are you running around like a headless chicken, doing social media, website writing blogs and accounts etc, as well as doing what you are good at. This can take hours of your time, so why not outsource the projects that take you hours to do, this can save you valuable time.

Do what you enjoy doing and outsource what you do not like doing.


TemplateTemplates are extremely useful tools to use. Why spend hours inventing the wheel. There are millions of templates online for all your needs from budgeting to 3d printing. Get used to copying and pasting, because others have gone before and done the work for you, stand on the shoulders of giants by utilising templates to increase your productivity, so you get more done in less time.

So remember utilising templates to increase your productivity at work, and at home so you get more done in less time.

So, what would you invest that extra time in?

The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 RuleI first came across this in the 1980’s it is known as the Pareto Principle, it was a mathematical formula first recognised by and Italian economist in 1906 and he suggested that 80% of your efforts produces 20% of the results.

To get the most bucks for your time take some time to look and think about your business and personal life, where is the time being invested to get this result. This could be a major game-changer for you.

Just a thought gets, more of what you want and less of what you do not want.

Focus on your results vs activity

Focus on your results vs activityHow much time do you spend being busy?

Work out how much time you write blogs and work out how many connections do you get from them, and out of these connections how many become paying clients. Once you get these paying clients still stay in touch with them, it is easier looking after these clients feeding them each week than looking for brand new clients.

If you find it easier talking do podcasts or video’s, finally work out the money value of all your work.

What do you really want from life?

When managing time focus on what you really want from life, in other words, quality vs quantity.

Take calculated risks

Take calculated risksLife is a risk whatever we do in life is a risk. Being employed is a risk you could be made redundant and you are making someone else rich and have not much say in what you get paid and time off.

Being self-employed carries risk too although I think from a personal experience you are in control, it is your baby. You can earn as much as you want, work the hours you want, and take time out when you want. No one dictates what you can and cannot to do with your time.

Remember to do a S.W.O.T. Analysis

Strengths: These are the things you are especially good at. They can also include things that you have a lot of experience in doing; things you have a natural aptitude or talent for; and skills you’ve acquired throughout your life. And skills can be transferrable too. So, for example, if you have worked behind a bar, this would give you customer service experience that you could use in a variety of other roles and scenarios. It would also give you experience of handling cash, which is another skill that can be transferred into other roles.

Weaknesses: This is what could be outsourced so get a virtual assistant.

Opportunities: Opportunities are everywhere if we look for them hard enough.

Threats: What are the threats in your business, do not dwell on them but look for solutions for them.

Be careful in business to avoid time traps- people that starve your time every day.

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