Visualisation – Part Eight

by Jun 8, 2020Karen's Blog

Shop for new clothes – for your ideal you – with visualisation!

You may not like your present figure, and the clothes you wear, that may be shapeless.

Going shopping uses a strong visualisation technique to make this feeling so real for you.

I want you to sit and relax, close your eyes, and imagine shopping in that nice store that have the clothes that look amazing. Imagine selecting the clothes that look amazing and a size smaller than you are now. You see yourself as you look forward in the mirror, you see the slender, smarter, new you. Feel how amazing it feels, how good it feels. I want you now to come out of that visualisation and affirm to yourself:

“I can and will achieve this to wear clothes that make me feel good.”

Act now as if you are that amazing new person, even if you are still wearing your old clothes. If you tell yourself, you are getting thinner the brain does part of the work for you.

Mirror work

From the age of five, I used to dislike looking in the mirror as I disliked what I saw looking back at me. I have stopped that now.

Smile and tell yourself how great you are. If you are a lady of a certain age, the lines that we all get imagine them being drawn and rub them out. Hear people saying how amazing you look. Say to yourself they are fainter now and they will soon all be gone.

Follow all this up

If you can polish your leather shoes, and make them lovely, think about what you can do for your skin. If you do this, your skin will start looking amazing, maybe rubbing a bit of oil at night into your skin will help; you may even want to do a complete lifestyle change.

Don’t look closely at the mirror but keep telling yourself how great you look, and when you least expect it, you will see yourself looking amazing. Depending on what you focus on, energy flows in the cells of your body that are either healthy or unhealthy. I focus on being healthy.

If you look around and look for everything blue around your house, you will have no problem rattling them off. As your attention is focused on that.

However if I asked you how many red things you have found in your house you would probably struggle, as your attention was not focused on that. By focusing on what you want you, you can stop focusing on what you don’t want.

Deepak Chopra MD in his Audio Magical Mind Magical Body. In this audio, he explains that your liver changes every 6 weeks and restores, as well as new taste buds. You even, believe it or not, have a new skeleton every 3 months, and every 4 days your stomach lining is being replaced. Every month your skin is replaced. So, one year from now all your cells in your body will have been replaced.

A problem is arising when we believe our bodies are wearing out. Instead of getting stronger, and having more vitality, you start to look older instead of younger. Due to the fact you believe you are getting older your body responds accordingly; hence why visualisation is so amazingly powerful. Visualise yourself being healthy and happy, and grab on to this, see what you see, hear what you hear and really feel what it feels like to be healthy and happy, and a bit like a volume control turn it up to a 100%.

Ok, hold on to that feeling and come back in now. I can guarantee you are feeling better.

This is a change you can imagine in the mirror happening, eventually, you will start looking and feeling great, people will be telling you how good you look. You have also created a younger healthier blueprint of yourself. Word of caution – If you don’t believe this, and you don’t believe this can be done in your imagination and can’t be done to your physical, your body will act accordingly and act negatively, and act with what you believe.

So accept the best version of you that can be and if no one as told you before you are great you are special, and you are important.

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