Visualisation – Part Eleven

by 9th July 2020

Don’t miss opportunities to achieve your dreams.

We build ourselves up time and time again.

I want you to relax, close your eyes and imagine. Imagine the life you want to have. See an amazing boat of opportunity coming your way. Visualise it as a big ocean liner full of opportunity. Let the ocean liner take your breath away, and as you step onboard, see an amazing red carpet as you walk up and sail away.

You can do this visualisation for any area of your life; meeting your ideal partner, securing your ideal job, running your ideal business, finding your ideal client and more. Come out of that visualisation affirming it to yourself by saying these words:

“My life is turning out much better than I could ever imagine, now I am fully confident to achieve what I want from life.”


Do you carry worry around like a best friend? I’m telling you now, worry serves you no purpose at all. Don’t fear, however, you can demolish worry and burn it up!

Relax and close your eyes. Visualise a piece of white canvas – the sort artists use – and see the word ‘WORRY’ written down in pencil. Now, in your imagination, take an eraser and rub it out. Erase all trace of the word ‘WORRY’ from the canvas so that the canvas is completely blank and looks totally refreshed. Take a permanent marker, and where the word ‘WORRY’ used to sit, replace it with the words ‘SERENITY’, ‘PEACE’, ‘HAPPINESS’, ‘CONFIDENT’, ‘MOTIVATED’, ‘ACHIEVEMENT’, ‘and SUCCESSFUL”. These words can now never be rubbed out. They are the permanent feelings and truths that now decorate your life.

This can be used to get rid of emotional pain, or physical pain like a headache as well. You can replace the word ‘WORRY’ with any negative word (or words) that are your current reality that you want to overcome. You can then go about your life normally, and for maximum effect, practise this visualisation exercise 3 times a day.


Just relax, take a deep breath and visualise getting what you want. Remember where focus goes action flows.

Journaling will also really help, and you will see how successful you become, the obstacles that you have jumped over, the challenges you have overcome when you refer back to it. As you are writing these things down it really helps you to visualise how you want your life to be.

A good thing to always remember is to keep your head above the clouds, and your feet firmly on the ground.

Stepping forward

Magical things happen when you begin to visualise the new you. This will give you the power to create the life that you are wanting to embody and live. After a few months of visualising the happy life that you want to lead, you will realise that there is nothing stopping you. It’s time to think outside the box and remember that you are in the driving seat of your life, and that makes you feel powerful and in control. To realise you can change your life for the better is so empowering, and guess what! It’s the truth.


Remember that visualisation isn’t something that requires no focused action, it is simply extra support in achieving your ambitions. It is also essential that you take action at the right time. If you do it at the wrong time chances are it will not work. For example, if you arrived too late to catch the bus, the train or your plane, you’re going to waste time and energy having to wait for another, when you could have been at your destination. My late father had a saying ‘the early bird gets the most worms’. He was always up early to get business deals and get noticed. This is the same with your opportunities. If you don’t grab the opportunity with both hands when it’s offered to you, you may have to wait along time for another chance.

By using creative visualisation, it will give you the precise idea of exactly what you want to do, and raise your awareness so that you never miss an opportunity again that’s right for you.

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