Visualisation – Part Four

by May 7, 2020Karen's Blog

We say seeing is believing.

Unconsciously are you programming yourself with “I want but I haven’t got?” This mental conversation you have with yourself blocks everything you deeply desire.

You want a new car and you confirm to you have an old one. You want to be wealthy, but you see yourself as being poor, you want to be in a relationship however see yourself as being single.

The fact is by using creative visualisation, this will enable to see things differently. So in your visualisation imagine what you would really like to be and what will the real you look like.

By doing this exercise you have opened the door of possibility. I have often heard this has to open the flood gates. The more you visualise the more you will want, this will become your destination and creates the outstanding opportunity you want.

Feeling the power

Over time you will come to realise how powerful this is, to get faster results. When we had our house I visualised the house – big kitchen and two toilets – and when we saw it I actually knew this was the house of my dreams. These feelings are on your mind and your mind is looking for ways to help you. So, visualisation sends a surge to your mind to pull out all the stops to help you.

If you heard someone crying HELP! HELP! HELP! Running up the road, you would drop everything and do what you could to get help and support for the person, and that exactly is what your mind would do to help you.

Your mind gives results in 3 ways.

  1. Through opportunities to have what you want.
  2. Through spontaneous change.
  3. People offering you things.

The fun of visualisation is grabbing your opportunity

Example: If you’re short of money, you will be given ideas of how to get some more money. For instance to organise an event or to sell clothes that are in good condition that you no longer wear, or anything in your house that you no longer use. Unwanted presents could be sold and brought by someone that values it. Your children’s toys that they have grown up and no longer use.

You could be amazed at what potentially could happen when you visualise what you want. Your unconscious mind is an amazing tool if you visualise you self-achieving what you want it will make you feel good. The same can be true if you visualise yourself not getting what you want that is also true. To quote the age-old saying:

“Where focus goes energy flows.”

So what do you want?


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