Visualisation – Part Nine

by 18th June 2020

It’s time to visualise your business

I believe this to be so powerful as I write this.

Imagine closing a deal with a gift that your client most wants. See all of your clients look at you and thank you for your gifts, as the last scene when you have the deal signed. Hear the champagne corks been popped on the bubbly, enjoying the excitement of the deal. This is good for any meeting where you need to negotiate.

Let this deal just fall into your lap. This image you can use to your advantage.

Every client I get to coach I get a real buzz, it’s exciting, so I know that it’s likely when you make sales you also get a buzz as you get closer to your targets, whether you are self-employed or if you work for a company. Being self-employed I still set a target each week, that I want to achieve, and that gives me a great buzz.

This image you can use to you advantage by seeing it being achieved and as a done deal. Seeing the deal being signed at the price you want and visualising how effortlessly this deal falls into your lap.

Relax, get comfortable, close your eyes and imagine sitting on your chair. Feeling the paperwork being tossed in your lap. Seeing the contract as being signed and sealed. Capture this outstanding feeling and the excitement of this accomplishment. Hold on that feeling.

This is amazing, quick, easy and potent. My advice is do this visualisation 3 times a day.

Now act as though this is the done deal. The confidence will ooze through you. By visualising that business will eventually come your way. Remember focus on what you want and that it’s a done deal.

Finding the needle in the Haystack

At times it will be difficult and you will have obstacles.

Finding the needle works. Relax, close your eyes, and visualise a mountain of hay, within easy reach, and then take the needle out of the hay and dispose of it, and then affirm to yourself the deal is done, the obstacle has gone, and I will close is, so I can achieve what I want in life.

Just remember you are the most influential person in your life and remember the people who you associate with can help or hinder your business.

Relax and close your eyes. You are on the outside of a very smart looking office, as you look in the window you see a group of what looks like successful and confident business people. You walk in and the people greet you warmly and shake your hand, and are really pleased to see you as though they have been waiting for you for some time. Now what would your outcome be, would you feel empowered? With that success will you be able to buy your dream car, or the house of your dreams?

Now come out of that visualisation and follow through with the leads you have picked up networking or at business events. The money is not in the can – it’s in the follow-up.

Pocket the Key

Here is another visualisation to try, I am feeling super generous and excited for you! Visualise walking into a networking meeting or to a gathering at an open business meeting or expo.

Some people come up to you and warmly and hand you a golden key. You look down at this key and you pocket it. You collect as many golden keys as you possibly can on that day and you feel your pockets are bulging with golden keys. Now, what will these golden key’s give you if you build relationships with those people? Would it unlock the trip of a lifetime, allow you to redecorate your house? Or do whatever your dream is? Then come out of that visualisation saying, “I have many key contacts, and nothing is going to stop me.”

I can’t emphasise enough, it’s building relationships and following up. The money is in the follow-up and building the relationship, so people get to know you.

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