Visualisation – Part One

by Apr 16, 2020

Can you really have what you want in life?

Do you really have a choice?

If you’re watching television and you don’t like what’s being broadcast, you can turn it off or switch channels, can’t you?mIf you go to the theatre or cinema and again you don’t like what you’re seeing you can leave either in the interval or during the film.

If you’re at a restaurant and you don’t like the food served you have not got to eat there again, for whatever reason you don’t go back.

You have a choice!!!

If you’re not happy with your lifestyle and how your life is running you can change. A lot of my contemporaries feel they are too old to change, and even some younger people feel too old to change.

I’m here to tell you you’re not too old to change your life right now.

I remember being in my 30’s sat in a Personal Development conference and the speaker spoke these words:


So live the life you want to choose!

I often get asked how – my answer is visualisation.

The art of visualisation:

I find this amazing, and I love doing this, sit quietly and relax, maybe put some calming music on, let your mind just wander.

Creating the life you would like to live.

You can achieve anything from visualisation, you can improve your life. Sports coaches get top performers like Tiger Woods the golfer, Tim Headman the tennis player and Johnny Wilkinson the Rugby player to visualise playing at peak performance, and even without playing the sport when they did play, they performed a 100% better.

You can visualise yourself doing anything from setting up your own business, getting a promotion at work, getting that job you want. Getting the qualifications you need.

With visualisation, you can even move things from your life, that you no longer need. I’m here to tell you, you do have a choice.

A story I remember being told this story at a conference once and it stuck in my head.

A group of 36 grade A students. And 3 teachers one teacher was told she had got high-flyers, that she was to teach. The 2nd teacher was told she had got high-flyers too, but they were to visualise the work that they were going to be given in the final exam and they would all visualise achieving A stars.

The 3rd teacher was told she would be getting the pupils that didn’t expect to achieve above a C. At the end of the term, all 36 pupils were given an exam to do.

The 1st and 2nd teacher pupils they all got A stars. The 3rd teacher pupils got C or below; yet they all started the same, it was the expectations of the teacher that changed.
So what you expect to achieve will happen and what you expect not to happen it will not.

Visualisation is becoming powerful in business to achieve success, so not just sport in everyday life as well.

Next week we will talk about Problems and worries and what do you really want.

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