Visualisation – Part Six

by May 21, 2020

What do you really want?

To have what you want, you really need to create it first in your imagination.

Decide what you really want; relax deeply in your favourite chair or even in your bed, or in the summer lying in the grass under a tree. Take a deep breath several times and slowly count backwards from 10-1 to relax (some people like to listen to the music that they find relaxing, and other people prefer complete silence). I would have an alarm on, set for 20 minutes, as I can sit and do this, and 2 hours have gone by!

Let’s, say you want money. Visualise:

  • How would you spend that money?
  • What does the lack of money stop you from doing right now?

So close your eyes and visualise the things that you want to buy, if you had plenty of money – it may be that new house – imagine going to the estate agents seeing the dream house.

Or maybe it’s a new car. Imagine the salesman’s surprise as you hand over the money for that dream car as he hands you the keys to that dream car. As you walk out of the showroom jingling the keys to this dream car in your fingers; you feeling so proud of yourself. You open the door, you get in and smell the amazing new upholstery and rub your hand over it slowly. In your imagination, you turn the engine on and hear the car engine purring along as you drive your dream car out of the dealership forecourt. As it’s a hot summers day you press down the window and hear dogs barking, children playing, and smell the amazing feel of this dream car. You can make this as realistic and vivid as you want it to be.

When you come out of this visualisation, affirm what you really want, and when you go back to your old car, visualise seeing your new car sat on the drive.

By doing this regularly you will change, and opportunities will happen. Your imagination and mind will come together to provide you with a solution.

Visualise your dream car

Let’s get you on the way to getting your dream car.

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