Visualisation – Part Ten

by 25th June 2020

Demolish and wipe out what is not serving you anymore.

My clients are amazed that they can get rid of the sh*t that they have been holding on to all their lives.

This technique can be useful in business as well as your personal life, and for your health. You can’t destroy the blue sky that’s above the clouds, but you can destroy the clouds of problems that are weighing you down. With my clients, I tend to use various techniques to get rid of these clouds. These techniques are so amazingly powerful, and we do get positive results. They can be used to release anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, limiting beliefs and limiting decisions, which if you hold on to can cause disease in your life, mind and body. My clients actually report that after this work they do feel amazingly relaxed and calm around people and appear more positive.

During your lifetime you will have experienced plenty of unhappy events or even tragedy in your life. I know I have had my fair share; from bullying or being attacked, deaths in the family or accidents and operations which can lead (and has led!) to trauma. From the age of 5 -53 – if my maths is correct, 48 years – I held on to sh*t.

When I was 53, I started my journey into NLP within a few weeks my life changed.

At some point in your life, you may have experienced something that you feel may have affected you, and ruined you inside. The thing is, often outwardly nobody knows what’s going on on the inside, and we do have a good way of hiding things. However, I promise, inwardly you can get over the trauma this event has caused to you. Perhaps the memory of childhood, divorce, bankruptcy, or some other trauma has stuck with you; this can stop you from inwardly enjoying your life, so much that you’re crying and hurting inside.

Sometimes we even suddenly break down in tears. It’s almost as though we have packed so much away in the box it explodes, and our mind and body can’t contain it anywhere. For you to enjoy life, this hurt and upset have to go, and to get rid of this you need to pinpoint the problem. There may be several problems that you need to heal and you will need to identify your end outcome and how would you like to feel.

How would you like to feel instead?

Here is an exercise for you to do, fill in the blank spaces below:-

If it had not been for_______________ my life would have been different.

If it had not been for_______________ I could have made it.

Because of_______________ I cannot do or enjoy things.

You might even feel as though you are trapped in prison, and imagine yourself behind bars, and unable to live your life. If that is how you feel imagine that someone comes along and gives you the key to your prison door and you’re able to unlock it, free yourself, and now you can walk into the life you want. Just for extra good luck, in your imagination, you might want to visualise destroying that prison, and blow it up right now!

If you are looking for the key to unlock that prison door, then please contact me, and I can give it to you.

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