Visualisation – Part Twelve

by 16th July 2020

Changing how you react to negative thoughts or criticism.

If someone upsets you, don’t let them mentally attack you, let it go.

You’re wasting time letting negative words and people get to you, and damaging your mental health. So, write down your reaction on paper in pencil. Erase the words and throw it on the fire or put it in your bin. You no longer need that draining energy in your life so it’s time to release it and set yourself free.

It’s time to turn to visualisation

Visualise how you want your day to run smoothly: getting the business, and the clients you need; your children or grandchildren behaving both whilst being in your care (or not in your care); being able to get to your destination on time, or maybe just having an overall positive day. By being conscious of your everyday actions you will make some amazing strides in your life.

Breath in success

Breath out negativity and stress. The sadness, the fear, the image of being overweight, not getting clients, being poor etc.
And breath in success. Happiness, confidence, power etc. This is also very relaxing, you can do this while shopping while having a bath, or doing a boring job that needs no thinking.

Results will come in stages

The main thing you will notice with all this visualisation work that you are doing is that you will have an extra spring in your step. You will notice a change in your life, you may welcome new friends or lose negative relationships. You will be able to focus on what you want. You may have the drive to exercise more, become healthy, explore new ideas to make money. Whatever you have ideas for, or whatever you have been focused visualising on, you will get the answer.

Please don’t be disappointed if they are only tiny steps to start with, the reason for this is because you are only just waking up to the amazing opportunity to take advantage of your life. Small leaps you have are a step towards taking huge leaps.

When what you want stops

This is mainly due to your lack of self-belief and a belief for whatever reason that you don’t deserve. Write this down on paper in pencil then rub it out, and in ink write: “I deserve the very best and a lot of it”.

Write this out three times.

If you are struggling to do this, please do contact me.

Keep your visualisations to yourself, but please, if you have a coach or a mentor please share your visualisation with them as they can help you plan and move you to the next step.

When you’ve achieved what you want, then feel free to share with family and friends, as a lot of people can have a go at stealing your dream. Them may tell you it will not work and be so negative. I’m telling you to act and put the work in, practise visualisation, and you will get the results.

Life is on your side

Believe in yourself. If you are reading my blogs at 16 + or 60 + you can have what you want. Beware of people that say you can’t. I’m telling you can.

The problem is that, while you may play safe, you can feel your on the outside watching other people have what they want.

Why should you be different?

I’m telling you can have anything you want. You don’t have to hit rock bottom to get what you want, or have money to invest, or come from an upper-class lifestyle. You just need courage and to believe in yourself, and you can honestly let the old you go.

The new self

The new self-image of you and what others think of you should not matter, only take positive feedback to heart and not negative comments.

If people or family members say you’re a write-off you have a choice in what you believe. If you would like to go on a Magical Journey of self-discovery to find the new you, please do contact me.

Go for what you want, you have got what it takes.

Remember life is on your side.

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