Why don’t you have it already?

Why don’t you have it already?

Since these things are truly important to you, why don’t you have it already? 

Although this is a challenging question it may just help you identify what you want.

Obviously this is not meant to be critical, it is intended to make you think, as you will discover that the solution you come up with is frequently a list of outside circumstances.

Accepting self-responsibility is afterall part of taking charge of your life.


It is up to you.


It is important to note that who you are and what you will become is entirely up to you and you alone.

Unfortunately, it is extremely common not to know this and to be conditioned otherwise.

Continually we are told that in order to acquire a good job, we must have a good education, good grades, and a degree.

Most people adhere to the law of accident, which holds that if you don’t plan, you plan to fail.

Why aren’t they getting their way?

And why do people not always obtain what they want when they decide what they want, why don’t they already have it?

What are the reasons?

Also, why do so many people put off making decisions their entire lives until it is too late?


They frequently make several explanations for failing.


Indeed the reason for this is that:

Firstly, no goals have been established.  Nor are they defined clearly and precisely.

Secondly, there is no explanation and expectations that are unrealistic.

Of course, this leads to frustration and being worried of change.

Lastly, nothing was reported.


In conclusion.


There is no grit and determination.

There is no strategy.

There is no incentive.

There is no visualising it.

 Without a doubt, there is no action.

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