Why lack of Motivation can affect you!

by Mar 14, 2022

Lack of motivation

Why lack of Motivation can affect you!

No doubt most of the population will listen to the news, watch the news, or read the newspapers carrying stories of road traffic accidents, pot holing accidents, or mountaineering accidents.

More recently when we turn on the news or read the newspapers it’s all about how many deaths from Coronavirus, this is resulting in a lack of motivation for a lot of peopl in their life.

A few times in my life, I must add when I was a lot younger than I am today, I have walked up the hills of the Lickey’s, Client and Wasley reaching the top breathless and exhausted all for a bit of exercise; plus, the views at the top were outstanding, quite literally breath-taking, I still was not one for climbing hills just because they are there.

At school I remember learning of a famous mountaineer who actually came to my school, sadly I cannot remember his name, he taught us of the dangers of mountain climbing, that you must use safety equipment and have the correct warm clothes etc, but why do we do something that is so dangerous?

First, it is there and needs to be climbed.

Secondly, it’s the challenge to push your skills and abilities.

Finally, for the serious mountaineer “nobody I know has done it before”.

As human beings, there is a trending theme of competitiveness. In art, science and sport to name a few we focus on the top, being at the top, and reaching the top. For many when they are starting outreaching the top may seem an impossible dream, yet we should see taking part as an achievement and success too right?

As we start overcoming our challenges and taking steps forward, just like the mountaineer on the mountain, we are moving towards success. Unlike the mountaineer, our motivation for success may not last. Unlike the mountaineer, we may not hold that irresistible urge inside to challenge ourselves and to ‘climb the mountain’.

The mountaineer would appear to have a hyper-motivation which takes over their lives, they must do it! Some would see this as a dangerous obsession. In Germany in 1885 Karl Frederich Benz invented the first practical automobile and the first car series being put into production. At the time deemed dangerous, this lead us on to the development of petrol engines enabling faster cars and planes. A motivation to create a never-ending series of adventures!

Can you believe that back in 1905 the ‘dangerous’ motor car travelled at five miles per hour (5mph) and that it was once the law to ensure a man walked in front of the car carrying a red flag as a warning, imagine that now? Men, women, and children achieve exhilaration by being able to go faster and faster pushing the boundaries of human capabilities, so it was only a matter of time before the world land speed record was broken at three hundred miles per hour (300mph) by Malcolm Campbell, George Eyston, and John Cobb.

The first non-stop flight across the Atlantic was in 1919 by two men, Alcock and Brown. The women were not left out either and names such as Amy Johnson and Amelia Earhart made front page news when they completed their extraordinary journeys! Usually using single engine planes these women were pioneers for female aviation travelling from London to Cape Town, London to Australia and even flying across the Pacific Ocean. Back in that time this was only the dreams of most people, yet today we would not think twice about packing our bags and jetting off to…. well anywhere in the world!

We should stop and remember with gratitude that we owe our adventures to those that proved that it can be done. Without their sheer motivation and determination day to day things such as travel would not have been possible.

There are many challenged that excite the imagination of millions but only trigger the determination of action by few. Mount Everest, for example, had claimed many lives and drove team after team to retreat defeated, yet this did not deter Sir Edmund Hillary a New Zealand mountaineer along with Sherpa and Tenzing Norgay who became the first confirmed climbers to reach Mount Everests summit in 1953. Since then, it has become a common place to climb and to achieve reaching its summit. I asked myself was this not only motivation, but people believing they could.

The four-minute mile was deemed ‘impossible’ until Doctor Roger Bannister ran the first sub-4-minute mile in the 1952 Olympics. This gave people the belief that it can be done and the current world record for a mile is 3 minutes and 43 seconds.

All these great achievements from pioneers have been motivated by their industry to do more, be more and challenge themselves more. Subsequently going bigger, bolder, faster, higher and further than anyone has gone before. Raising the bar, setting the standards, and instilling belief the impossible is in fact possible.

It is part of human nature to have a competitive instinct which gives the desire to do something a little more bold, daring, or dangerous. Those that rock climb in the depths or winter or go pot holing when the rain floods may be difficult for most people to comprehend as the ‘ordinary’ person has no desire or a lack of motivation for the adrenaline rush that level of ‘danger’ brings. So where do you and me, the non-mountaineers, the non-explorers find our get up and go and our motivation? Have a think, I would love to know your answers.

The themes of the article I wrote on blocks last year looking into the attributes of success and that meaning seeing yourself a winner and being at the top of your game, have you noticed success itself is never completed and there is always further goals you will want to achieve as part of that success? You are therefore going to need motivation to continue to be successful.

For the purposes of expanding our horizons, imagine taking the word success and simplifying it to mean achievements. If you were looking at achievements, then there are many motivations that a lot of us would find familiar. It is possible that some of the vocabulary may not be welcome, however words such as greed, power and ambition are some of the most powerful motivators amongst people. More welcoming words like ‘need’ and ‘love’ can be equally as effective, for a moment though let us look at ‘greed’ and although that sounds unpleasant can actually be channelled with a positive attitude.

If you suggested to someone that they make a list of their dreams, there is a strong chance part of that list will contain material things. Material things come with a price tag and for which money may not be available to achieve that dream right now. If you were to suggest that the only way to achieve this would be to go into business to create more wealth, this could be seen in their eyes as greed being the distant motivator. Helping a person take responsibility for the standard of living however, is about a positive knock-on effect for them and those around them.

Another motivator is power. It is the desire of power that drives most politicians. It is surprising how much of the agenda is not about positive plans but about attacking the opposition. Personally, I don’t think that we can pass most instances where power is a motivator off as a bad thing, as William Shakespeare once said “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em.

There is power to be had in leadership. If someone possesses the talents for leadership, there is nothing wrong in them taking on the challenge of responsibility. Responsibility in leadership will inevitably exercise power, providing the leader is taking the ‘team’ in the right direction exercising power here is to be welcomed and recommended rather than rejected. Power can be positive, I have seen people from everyday backgrounds given the power to lead and do it extremely well, it is a gift, and shows the true positivity of power.

Also on the opposite side of the same concept is ambition, seen as selfish and the driving force to get people to where they want to be by whatever means possible, trampling over whoever they need to like a bull in a China shop. They will stand on other people’s shoulders to get to where they want to be and doing what they want to do. When did it become so negative to have ambition?

When I was with a Network Marketing Company, I was told the story of the fifteen-year-old schoolboy, lets call him Tim, who joined the printing club. There were half a dozen members already in the club and it did not take him long before he realised that he could run the Printing Business effectively. Tim was however amongst the Junior members and the power of the club was a distant perspective. Nothing could deter him as he set about removing obstacles by getting on the committee and organising a revolution to get rid of the leaders and Tim was elected. He was no fool though and changed the rules of the club to ensure that his position could not be compromised should any other member be motivated to try and get rid of him as he had done. What Tim did was clear misuse of ambition, his ambition was driven by pure selfishness.

Ambition can be used in other ways. If you know someone with potential, and you can see that they are failing to reach levels of achievement you know they are capable of and should be reaching you should not hesitate to challenge them. I spoke about how power can be used in a positive way, and the same can be applied to the awakening of ambition. If you can spot and highlight to those individuals that you see potential, you can stir them into recognising what they can become and what they can do for themselves and helping them feel ambitious. Do not let them slide down the slippery slop of ‘oh no I can’t do that’. Help them set positive targets for themselves. They will see and realise that these targets are achievable, and they can work towards them with positive motivation driven by ambition

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