Wishing does not equal belief

Wishing does not equal belief.

Every day, young people everywhere are beginning new careers.

They are all hoping that one day they will succeed and obtain their goals, whatever they may be.

Unfortunately, most never do because their lack of belief erects a wall around them, blocking their view of the way, which is only visible to those who have faith.

In fact, they behave in a way that is typical of people.

Although half of the population is above average, this behaviour of self-condemnation is absurd.  Only a very small portion of people have the belief that they will succeed, and as a result, they are able to rise to the top.

Indeed, they become unstoppable once they are certain about what they want from life.


You aspire to your beliefs.

Since you belong to the group of people who aspire to their beliefs because you are reading my post, you know you can go far if you believe.

Belief has the power to inspire you to achieve the seemingly unattainable.  Besides, the biggest obstacle is frequently not being sure of your true desires.

I recall overhearing a conversation somewhere.

Everyone has a unique calling or purpose in life to carry out a concrete task that must be completed.  They are irreplaceable, and their lives cannot be replicated.  Therefore, each person’s task and opportunity to complete it are individually unique.

So, the only question is whether you’ll live up to your planetary potential or, like the majority, whether you’ll just be unable to conduct your own concert of success because you don’t think you can achieve what you want in life.


Are you committed to realising your potential and achieving your full potential?

In fact, I can’t emphasise enough how crucial this question is to your life.

Sadly, the majority don’t.

By conducting a self-evaluation, you will have begun to define your personal values and what is significant to you.

The values system emphasises what you want out of life and the goals you establish in order to get it.

The decisions you will have to make in life are influenced by the values you have established in advance.


What if you are having problems identifying your beliefs?

If you’re having problems identifying your beliefs, try this practise before moving on.

Spend an hour by yourself in a peaceful place and write down what you feel is important to you.

Don’t bother about assessing or criticising your writing at this time.  Include your career, health, vacation, family, cars, education, friends, honesty, and reputation in the list of everything that comes to mind.

You’ll find that the ink pours, despite the effort.

Always ask yourself what you stand for and do what feels right.

Repeatedly ask yourself what you stand for and follow your heart.

Writing aids in the process of thinking clearly so that you can identify your current position and future goals.

Keep writing until you have roughly 80 items listed since how well you are able to respond to these questions will ultimately determine your level of success.

Even if something originally seems small, set it down.

Take a break, then when you return, go back to your list and reduce it to 40 items. 

Then reduce it once more, to 20 items. 

Then to 10 before arriving at 5.

Your value system can be built on these five tenets.

Self-study practise will help you become more aware of what is important to you, the beliefs that are most firmly held in your mind, and the thoughts that most strongly influence your behaviour.

I once heard the proverb, “People who completely consider their next step will stand on one leg.” So, consider whether you are a flamingo or not.

“What do you actually want?”

You must be aware of your goals!

Picasso once stated, “People’s greatest seduction is his job”.  But until you are doing exactly what you desire, this statement has no real value.

You won’t ever need to work again since you will have chosen to make your job your vacation.

Often when taking action is the only way to figure out what you want to do.  Then, as soon as you take action, your emotions are exposed.

However, I’ve heard this question from a lot of outstanding speakers: What would you endeavour to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

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