You Are Powerful

You are Powerful

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You are powerful.  more powerful than you realise, and personal power for some is difficult to comprehend and cope with.


Firstly, realise that you need to know yourself, take responsibility for yourself and take care of or yourself by putting yourself first, that is powerful.

Secondly, express yourself regularly and never put up with those that put you down.

Lastly, learn to forgive yourself, and others, of past mistakes as holding on to them is no longer serving a purpose.



Everyone has a responsibility for their own happiness, so, it is not your responsibility to make everyone happy.  If you are in relationships that are toxic, let it go before it overpowers you.

In addition we are conditioned into believing that our outside affects the way that we feel and that we must not get carried away with our silly ideas and dreams.

Subsequently, we find it easy to believe that we must accept being down and fed up with life.


However, we do have a choice, and we can choose to feel differently.  Even the times when we fail and fall, and we think that we can’t.

You are powerful, and you can choose not to look on at life from the side lines.


One of our greatest needs through life is that to succeed, to have a purpose in life.

As living creatures, we were born with the instinct to survive, but we also have another instinct which sets mankind apart, to succeed.

I wonder why some people feel they lead an uneventful life. 

Undoubtedly they do not realise their power of choices like those who go on to make their mark in history by doing amazing things.

There is no relationship between IQ, family life, background, or personality.  Okay so some may have little bearing.


Of all the millionaires, 80% are self-made.

The world’s first commercial billionaire, Andrew Carnegie, was born into poverty.

Sir Richard Branson had his first business venture at the age of 16, always having a desire to become an entrepreneur.

Also, Sir Alan Sugar came from humble beginnings and grew up in a council flat.  Yet went on to develop Amstrad Computers at the age of just 21 years old.

Without a doubt, those that start off in a life which may seem disadvantaged, can turn it around. 


Realise that you are powerful and subsequently you can also think outside the box, choose and change your life.

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