You are unique and you are a genius

by Apr 4, 2022





You are unique, and whilst we are on the subject I also want you to know that you are special and important.  So, remember are unique special and important.

Why do I say you are unique?  Well for starters no one else has your fingerprints, your lip prints, your toe prints, they are unique to you.  So you see you are a special individual and within you, you have the ability to create amazing things.

Ben Carson said “You have the ability to choose which way you want to go. You have to believe great things are going to happen in your life. Do everything you can – prepare, pray and achieve – to make it happen.”

Most of us find it difficult to accept that we are natures crown and glory.  Let me tell you there are no restrictions on our potential to limit our success in life.  Within all of us lies the potential, waiting to be used.

Do you remember being at school and thinking “How can I do that?” (whatever that new skill you were learning was) Only by pushing yourself did you find that yes you did have the ability to do it and enjoy the task of whatever it was you were doing.  It was you, only you that accomplished and understood that, so don’t you forget it!

Let’s look at learning to ride a bike.  I bet even today, even if you have not ridden a bike for many years, you could still ride a bike.  In the beginning how many times did you fall off, yet you never gave up?  The secret is that you had the potential there all along to achieve that goal and the ability to overcome the inevitable falls.


Both my sons are in sport and I myself was a swimmer in my younger days, and very competitive!  I not only swam for Bromsgrove and school, but also for the Girl Guides. 

I understand ‘the second wind’.  When you are tired and exhausted having used up the first wind, when you think that you cannot possibly give anymore, and you get your second wind to push through and achieve the result you want.  The power is in the second wind!  What sports people will have in common is that they know that to be the best, you must expect to be the best. 

Are you going through life with a teaspoon or are you going with a barrel?

If you imagine that life has a fountain, would you choose the teaspoon or the barrel?

Taking the barrel draws on our strength, imagination, vision, insight, and our creativity.  Combine this with our unique and special talents, our skills and abilities and we have all we need.

Anything we don’t need is taken care of by nature.  I remember sitting with my son and he said “Mom did you know that there are fish in the ocean with no eyes.  God has taken away their eyes as they do not use them.”

Let me tell you if you work with your hands, they become stronger!  Writing this makes me think that my heart must be strong, especially being in Stage Three Heart Failure with a resting heart rate of 250bpm (beats per minute).  I mean it must be strong. (that was when I was in heart failure without medication)

Use your imagination and ideas will flow more easily.

Part of my idea is to get that mind muscle working or “get your thinking cap on” as my parents used to say!

Albert Einstein once said Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

I am telling you as I believe this to be so true and you have the ability to excel in one area of your life positively, it’s just a matter of finding it.

It has been proven that the level of intelligence and creativity can be developed depending on the stimulation that the mind receives.  The mind, like any muscle, the more it is used the stronger it will become.  Likewise, it is important to remember that the less it is used, the weaker it will become.  If you don’t use it, you lose it – so they say!

There are many ways to stimulate the mind.  Working on projects, and this could be on your own or with someone else.  If two people work on the same project, both minds are stimulated.  Reading is a great way to stimulate your mind and open creativity and imagination. 


NLP presuppositions teach us that ‘you have all the resources within you and so you could be if you want to be, a genius in the making – remember that!

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