What do you actually desire?

 You possess the power, what do you actually desire?

Your reality is whatever you believe with your feelings.

You have the power within to design the world and reality that you want.

Everyone wants to succeed, but the majority of individuals across all generations will never even give themselves a chance.  They believe that no matter what they do, nothing will ever turn out the way they’d hoped. 


Despite being claimed time and time again that the human mind is capable of everything that it can think of and believe, many people believe that they must accept their lives as they are. 

Even some individuals who have a vague idea of what they desire will never come to truly believe that they are deserving of it, and so will never succeed in getting it.

Unquestionably, disbelief goes hand in hand with failure to achieve.

Remember true success starts with SELF-BELIEF, which is the essential ingredient for achievement.


Just remember that whoever believes it, they can achieve it.

It was during a lecture in the early 1980’s that I finally got the idea behind the saying “you can move mountains”.

The engineer beamed images on the overhead projector as he told the story of how the mountain, that was made of granite, was to be moved to make way for an up and coming housing estate.  He had worked on the construction of Shanghai and Hong Kong banks, at the time the single most expensive project in the world.

We could see the utter conviction and perseverance in his eyes.

The realisation of the engineer’s vision took ten months. 

Indeed the mountain had vanished and was nowhere to be found!

What stood instead was the new housing development and a few new structures whose foundations were right there, where the mountain previously stood.

There was now a little harbour where sea and mountain met.


Never mix having self-confidence with having self wishes.

A mountain cannot be removed, nor can one yearn for better circumstances.  But, with the right thoughts you can move that ‘mountain’ or create the life you dream.

The phrase ”all things are possible to the one who it believes” is found in the bible, and is probably the world’s most useful knowledge.

It is simple to think that things aren’t achievable because self-doubt is produced when you distrust your talents.  


You might think you could if no one informed you any differently.  Just as the bumble bee, according to aerodynamics, should not be able to fly.  Yet, no one informed it, and so it does.


Whilst I was conversing with a young 25 year old Vietnamese man at a networking event, he showed me a picture of when he was 18, he was skin and bone when arrived in Hong Kong!


He could become a million air it was said. 


Actually, he was a millionaire when I first met him at the age of 25, me mistaking the dialect for ‘would’ be a millionaire. 


No one told him otherwise, therefore he continued to believe it. 


So believe in you.


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